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Cold alone

Originally done in April 2004

Mood. My aim was mood for this piece. The success of Icarus had not fully hit yet and so I had nothing to stop my constant experimentation. I wanted mood. In my astrophysical studies I had pondered the loneliness of Pluto. Cold and desolate. In pondering this I bagan to wonder about those unknown planets sitting out there in the deep recesses of space. Invisible to the eye and in the middle of nowhere with nothing around them for light years.

Given the idea I decided to create an icy planetoid sitting in the nothingness of space. I completed the starfield first and foremost, placing about 600 total stars of varying size by hand. I got the background of the scene taken care of then developed the planet. My compositional idea was to place the planetoid dead center of the piece so as to settle the lonely mood but not overwhelm it ( which is what would have occured if I had placed the planet on a point in accordance with the rule of thirds). From there I settled that the terms Cold and Alone made the image so thus became the title.

-absolute halo-
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Hi, how are you? :)
I've used it here: [link]

Thanks...and i hope you like it :D
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planet texture rocks.
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Good to see ol' Absolute Halo's older work up. Still very inspiring to this day. Keep doing what you do, you set the standards for tomorrow amongst the other greats (need I mention Greg Martin, Gary Tonge?).
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Nice job, the stars came out good.
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I love the relatively restricted tonal range. Looks icy:) Definately ace work.
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Great work - I love seeing your older work again. :D
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