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YCH: Eli

DA has been giving me a really hard time uploading animations for some reason.
Anyway, I can finally post this now!

Here is a fun animation for :iconyorialu:. ^^  Very cute character!



Spyro YCH info: Spyro YCH Animation:  CLOSED by AbsoluteDream


Character belongs to :iconyorialu:
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Very fluid and innocent-like! Love it :)
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Beautiful animation as usual Dream! Love it!

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How does one report something like this? I don't even know.
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what the honest fuck is this
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wtf childering are seeing this ya know?
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Wow great animation.
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Hmm.. ever since I started on da like five yrs ago I came to understand that there are new genres erupting among the youth. An example would be anthro and fursonas .. but this is the the first time I saw a pro level cartoon of the “adoptable” genre and if morning cartoon programs started making stories of what younger ppl like -younger than me and the millennials -which begins with us artists here where such things are mainstream and common, shows with art like this or undertale cartoons or w/e and they would have lots of young people hooked. And millennials will be like wtf if they didn’t know anything about these fandoms. Get half would be familiar enough to accept it. There will be more push for diversity and antiracism and gender awareness and I know this because I’ve been on this site for five years took the good with the bad and it feels like an online home. I’m pretty much only a landscape painter these days but my brother who is also a millennial as my Twin being my age became absolutely obsessed with games and tv. He has twenty more iq than me at 150 and has fundamental theorem of calculas tatoo lol he called himself a Brony for a while which makes me feel like a lot of us deviant art genre artists will have LOTS of team project job openings for the designer and character artist in the coming ten yrs. it took an amazing cartoon to gain my favor. It made me think “this is possible”
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Wow. It kinda looks like Reversal of the heart. Gorgeous gif. ^_^ ♡
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Pixel: Pixel Emoticon ~ Spyro the Dragon Heart Amazing animation! Very cute!
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this looks like James Baxter animated it, like holy cow, that's amazing!
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This animation is so beautiful, so fluid, and so adorable.
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this is really really goodd
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I loved this animation so much when I saw it on Eli's page, it's the most adorable and awesome thing!! I love the movement and expression, super well animated.
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Floofy scaley goat thing!
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Floofy scale thing.
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