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UT Comic: Sick Day Part2
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Published: May 5, 2016
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Part 1:UT Comic: Sick Day Part1 by AbsoluteDream  Part 2:  You're here!  Part 3:  UT Comic: Sick Day Part3 by AbsoluteDream


Q:  Can I dub your comic?
A:  Abso-positively-lutely! :D (Big Grin)  The only thing I ask is if you could credit me somewhere and provide a link back to the original comic here.  Also, don't be afraid to show me!  I'd love to see it!

Q:  Can I translate your comic?
A:  Yep!  Same as above, all I ask is to credit me and provide a link back to the original. ^^


Can a skeleton get sick?  Uhh... I dunno.  I made a comic anyway.  ^^;

Anyway, this is just another random idea I had.  I imagine Papyrus would rarely ever gets sick, if at all.  What would happen if he was too sick to work?  So this scenario popped up in my head.  I started this about two months ago, and I finally got around to finishing it. XD  



Undertale and Characters belong to Toby Fox
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Comments (77)
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Zcat91819|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I swear Sans you are the most chill bro in existence 
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CosmosX9B's avatar
Guess Papyrus is layin’ on the floor, feelin’ like garbage for real.

Hopes he gets well soon
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PrincessStarfirefly's avatar
Sans is the best big brother ever!
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Alexa-254's avatar
Alexa-254|Student General Artist
wish he was my brother...Napstablook 
wish I could at least be his friend...Napstablook 
wish he exissted in real life Napstablook Crying Emote Napstablook Crying Emote Napstablook Crying Emote Napstablook Crying Emote 
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FirescalesComix's avatar
*Pat pat*
Me too....
I just want Papyrus and Sans but..
Me too
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CosmosX9B's avatar
Ikr, I wish I could meet them all IRL.
Except for when Frisk/Chara are feeling murderous
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WolfSkeletonArtist's avatar
WolfSkeletonArtist|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Just the skelebros
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ChaiiWolfe's avatar
ChaiiWolfe|Hobbyist Digital Artist
the race car bed
i cant
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xXArtimisXx's avatar
xXArtimisXx|Student Traditional Artist
Sans is such a good brother!
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TemShopIsOpen's avatar
TemShopIsOpen|Student General Artist
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Tezzinator's avatar
Tezzinator|Hobbyist General Artist
ohmygosh, I adore this <3
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BatkittyPlaysAJ's avatar
BatkittyPlaysAJ|Hobbyist General Artist
brotherly love :'3 (something me and my borther dont share XD)
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Cake-a-Tron's avatar
Cake-a-Tron|Student Traditional Artist
Sans you're the best damn brother I swear X3 

Poor Papyrus, being sick is never fun. 
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BatkittyPlaysAJ's avatar
BatkittyPlaysAJ|Hobbyist General Artist
ahh i agree :D
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Mage-of-Space-12's avatar
Mage-of-Space-12|Hobbyist Digital Artist
its adorable and Papyrus is a cute nerd like always and I LOVE IT!
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ILovePUNdertale's avatar
ILovePUNdertale|Student General Artist
Fricking adorable dadlike Sans being a good brother <3
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AutumDragonflame's avatar
AutumDragonflame|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm pretty sure I got this bug a couple years back. I was shaking uncontrollably, my head pounded, everything ached, my legs were unstable. . . I just lied down under a table and tried not to move.
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AquaDoesThings's avatar
AquaDoesThings|Student Digital Artist
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SkywardWarriorCG's avatar
SkywardWarriorCG|Student General Artist
Hey Absolute Dream, do you mind that I made this? I adore your artwork so much, and your style for these two is precious. Especially your little Papyrus scared of Annoying Dog. >w<
Here's what I tried to make: skywardwarriorcg.deviantart.co…
(I tried emulating your style, to see how it worked.)
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BlueLink's avatar
BlueLinkEdited |Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I am just familiar enough with this game (I watched some of a play through), and gosh all the amazing fan work! Geez, just the way you make their interactions, it's so endearing. And I'm not kidding, the pathetic sick state Papyrus is in made me feel so bad for him I literally got a little teary eyed. Just the way you draw their expressions, man.... Gosh I just LOVE this little story you made.

i got an idea. i'll put a sign up by the gate telling them we'll be gone for the day, and tell them to wait there until we fetch them later. how does that sound?


How friggin cute is that. Like seriously.
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Wolfydawolf129's avatar
Wolfydawolf129|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
when i see characters that don't know how to relax i just wanna say "just do it and it willl happen" but that doesn't help, haha
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CrystalWolf953's avatar
CrystalWolf953|Student Digital Artist
Oh I just feel BAD for Papyrus.
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minecraftponiez's avatar
minecraftponiez|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Omg that racecar bed dough XDD
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LivVirtual's avatar
LivVirtual|Hobbyist General Artist
Poor Papyrus.
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