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UT Comic: Sick Day Part1

Part 1: You're here!  Part 2:UT Comic: Sick Day Part2 by AbsoluteDream  Part 3:  UT Comic: Sick Day Part3 by AbsoluteDream


Q:  Can I dub your comic?
A:  Abso-positively-lutely! :D (Big Grin)  The only thing I ask is if you could credit me somewhere and provide a link back to the original comic here.  Also, don't be afraid to show me!  I'd love to see it!

Q:  Can I translate your comic?
A:  Yep!  Same as above, all I ask is to credit me and provide a link back to the original. ^^


Can a skeleton get sick?  Uhh... I dunno.  I made a comic anyway.  ^^;

Anyway, this is just another random idea I had.  I imagine Papyrus would rarely ever gets sick, if at all.  What would happen if he was too sick to work?  So this scenario popped up in my head.  I started this about two months ago, and I finally got around to finishing it. XD  



Undertale and Characters belong to Toby Fox
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SnowFall-13's avatar
You know... FishFace is what we call one of my older brothers LOL x3
FirescalesComix's avatar
*Lies on floor*
I am Papyrus
WolfSkeletonArtist's avatar
1951-VampHollow's avatar
Hehe, Sans have "Fishface" for Undyne.
MandyRacccoon's avatar
The fact Undyne's name in Sans' phone is 'Fishface' is amazing Laughing 
Lynshu's avatar
-call fish face-

gotta love the name he gave her.
ItsSpadekMyDudes's avatar
SammyPlays13's avatar
-papyrus calmy lies on floor-
loveforcatsnumber2's avatar
nice i seen sans phone hmmmmm wounder who fishface is XD
DinoPrincess2005's avatar
wait a second... i looked at san's phone... it said call fishface... i bet its undyne...! XD
Christarmewn's avatar
I've read this comic SO many times and have never seen that.... oh gosh. XD
TheBelowGround's avatar
DinoPrincess2005's avatar
Whaddap Fish face!!!
DinoPrincess2005's avatar
1st panel: how i sleep + i sometimes drool... DONT JUDGE!!!!!!
RubyDragon102's avatar
Eevee160's avatar
KATYPERRYstar's avatar
CALL fishface!!! OMG Sans you better hope Undyne doesn't see that!
Cake-a-Tron's avatar
Pfft 'fish face' XD

Aw Papyrus, I don't think you'll be fighting humans in that condition. 

Man I just ADORE the way you draw these two, it's so good! 
Mage-of-Space-12's avatar
'Call Fishface'

okay, calling Undyne or my cat is the big question. 
LilacBunni29's avatar
I was actually wondering if Papyrus had a stroke... but that's far less likely than him just shivering from being sick...
AskFemaleNekoInkSans's avatar
Yay I read comments without seeing that stupid scary thing!
AskFemaleNekoInkSans's avatar
I shall now call fish face, this is the first time I have noticed it.
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