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Spyro YCH Animation: CLOSED

These aren't open just yet, but I'm hoping it won't be too long before I can open them again!

Any complaints about the price will just be hidden.

-The price is between $75-$250 CAD, depending on if you want the whole animation (OPTION A) or a piece of the animation (OPTION B and OPTION C),and depending on complexity of the character.  (Price can increase if the character is heavy on markings or accessories.  But I can simplify your character if you'd like to keep it within a certain price range instead.)  
-Effects is an additional $20-$50 CAD. (Such as magic, fire, etc.)
-Shading is an additional $30 CAD. 
-If you would like a quote, send a note with a reference to your character, and any special requests (effects, expression changes, etc.) and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. </b>

Before claiming a spot, please read through the rules first!  Thank you!


:bulletblue:  This is PayPal only.  Once you claim a spot, send me a note with your Paypal address, and I will send you an invoice.
:bulletblue:  I can take partial payments if it's easier for you.  But I won't be able to send you the completed file until it's paid in full.
:bulletblue:  Of course, be aware that I may have to adjust your character to better fit the anatomy of the animation.
:bulletblue:  I can make small changes, such as the expressions, opening/closing the mouth, etc.  But if you'd like any big changes that requires adjusting the animation of the body, I'll have to ask for an additional fee.
:bulletblue:  The character doesn't have to be a dragon or have wings, just one that can fit into the basic anatomy.  
:bulletblue:  I'll send you a couple keyframes cleaned up and coloured to get your approval before continuing with the rest of the animation.
:bulletblue:  I only rough out specific frames to get the feel of the character, so I don't actually rough out the whole animation again with the new character.  So if you'd like to check the movement, I'll send you the clean lineart instead.  I can still make small changes in that stage.
:bulletblue:  Once it's done, I'll send you an MP4 of the animation, as well as a GIF of any sizes you'd like.
:bulletblue:  The animation can take up to a month to complete, but I will aim to finish it within two weeks.

And that's it!  Comment here or send me a note if you're interested
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GorrilazGirl's avatar

sucks im unable to buy one becuase i really want one QWQ its so cute

SaziArtStudios's avatar
OOOOO I hope I can nab a slot for this q3q
eclips1s's avatar
Copyrighted characters?
bunniball2867's avatar
the animation is so NICE and SMOOTH 
savrin330's avatar
I'm gonna try to buy one of these! If I am not too late to send you a note.
Dream-Fractures's avatar
These are beautiful! I hope you get ALL the commisions!!
Buraideviant's avatar
Great to see your stuff again.
Faeyri's avatar

This is super i really like this 💜 (o^^o) 💜

wolven-fangs's avatar
Would there be any way to modify this into a canine form instead of a dragon or what that be too different?
AbsoluteDream's avatar
Yep, it can be canine!  It doesn't have to be a dragon, just a character that can fit into the basic anatomy. ^^ 
Inspirelirium's avatar
JRBeeler's avatar
There are few things funnier than a sneezing dragon.  It's hard to tell here, but yours seem to be doing that.
AngryMothNoises's avatar
These make me want to make a spyro oc
twotailstm's avatar
gah! I love these so much!!! if I wasn't literally broke I would totally buy one of these when they where open. but alas I have no money so I wish you luck as I ride into the sunset.
tailgatescutebooty's avatar
This is so well done!
If i had a Dragon oc that wasn't anthro i would so get one done. Maybe  this is a reason to make them normal dragon art.
Siluntwolf's avatar
Xeshaire's avatar
Ooooo definitely gonna save for this! The prices are super fair imo so if people complain they have no idea how much time goes into animating, these look super smooth and professionally done <3
chasem24's avatar
Amazing your a talent!
bluewingfairy's avatar
Good morning, ClapClapClap.   
TawnySoup's avatar
I'm super curious as to how you manage to keep the horns, facial structure and other 'solid' pieces maintaining their shape in 3D space instead of morphing around like what tends to happen in my animations!! Whether its just a lot of refining, tracing 3D models for help or some other technique I don't know about *o* In any case, these and your other animations are always a delight to see <3
Squizzly's avatar
I took a look at your handsome af gallery and i went "where tho i see nothing morphing"
Your animations are awesome and i dont rlly see any morphing at all ahshdhsha
((Also i do believe most of the pose is traced from the 3d model of the reignited trilogy, but only the body and wings, anything else is meticulously and precisely drawn into the animation with pure skill))
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