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Spyro YCH Animation: CLOSED

*Please don't complain about the price.  Keep in mind that this is basically 45-60 cleaned up drawings put together.  It's easy to forget, but animation is a lot of work and takes a lot of time. Between 16-20 hours for this one.*
*EDIT* For the complaint that other animators can do this for cheaper, you had better be treating them with utmost respect and patience, because they are selling their time and skill for an extremely cheap price that I don't think they deserve for what they do. *EDIT*
*EDIT*  Yes, the sketch character is Spyro, heh.  I mentioned it in two of the animations, but I roughed it out based on the idle animation in the game for fun, and I put a couple characters of mine in it's place, and now I'm opening it up to anyone else who may want it ^^ *EDIT*
*EDIT* Sorry, I'm taking comments out.  Don't know how it got to be such a mess.  Please send me a note if you have any questions. *EDIT*

I'm just opening a couple spots for now, but I'm already looking forward to working with different designs!  If enough people are still interested, I'll open it again with more spots later. ^^

-The price is between $150-$200 CAD, depending on complexity of the character.  (Price can increase if the character is heavy on markings or accessories.  But I can simplify your character if you'd like to keep it within a certain price range instead.)  
-Effects is an additional $20-$50 CAD. (Such as magic, fire, etc.)
-Shading is an additional $30 CAD.

Before claiming a spot, please read through the rules first!  Thank you!



:bulletblue:  This is PayPal only.  Once you claim a spot, send me a note with your Paypal address, and I will send you an invoice.
:bulletblue:  I can take partial payments if it's easier for you.  But I won't be able to send you the completed file until it's paid in full.
:bulletblue:  Of course, be aware that I may have to adjust your character to better fit the anatomy of the animation.
:bulletblue:  I can make small changes, such as the expressions, opening/closing the mouth, etc.  But if you'd like any changes that requires adjusting the basic animation of the body, I'll have to ask for an additional fee.
:bulletblue:  The character doesn't have to be a dragon, just one that can fit into the basic anatomy.  
:bulletblue:  I'll send you the first frame cleaned up and coloured to get your approval before continuing with the rest of the animation.
:bulletblue:  I only rough out specific frames to get the feel of the character, so I don't actually rough out the whole animation again with the new character.  So if you'd like to check the movement, I'll send you the clean lineart instead.  I can still make small changes in that stage.
:bulletblue:  Once it's done, I'll send you an MP4 of the animation, as well as a GIF of any sizes you'd like.
:bulletblue:  The animation can take up to a month to complete, but I will aim to finish it within two weeks.

And that's it!  Comment here or send me a note if you're interested.


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