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SOUL comic: Experimental mix up

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So some may have seen on my Tumblr that I planned to bring back these short comics.  I missed working on them. ^^  But I also needed ideas XD  

I've always wanted an excuse to draw a monster version of Frisk, but the suggestion came from an anonymous tumblr user to use OTV Frisk, though it may be hard to tell, haha.

Hope you enjoy!


Undertale and characters belong to Toby Fox
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countlolipopsNew Deviant

I love it it’s beautiful

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LMAOOO I LOVE THIS.. so cute 🥺💗💗

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Mad-Hatter-isonHobbyist Traditional Artist


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Mermain123Hobbyist Digital Artist

are you sure frisk doesn't wanna stay this way?

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CornaRosaNew Deviant

Sans spoke my feeling about this whole situation:


thisnameisnttakenyay's avatar

I could hear Toriel screaming

JosunTomoro's avatar

I still enjoy this too much. Goat Frisk is still awesome!

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Frisky, Frisky the flower

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And then Frisk says "Fix it? But I'm not broken! I look like my brother and mom and dad now..."
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Yellowscar1Student Traditional Artist

Cool! I hope this is continued!

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I wanna frisk doesn't want it to be fixed? I mean now prisk has a family hes more closer to.
risingstar1011's avatar

Literally an adopted child's dream come true - to look like the rest of their family. What's to fix?

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Infinity522New Deviant

well, here comes fluffybuns number two

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Wyvern-1's avatar
Haha, Toriel in the end there. "You WILL fix this, Alphys, or you are grounded, young lady!"
CornaRosa's avatar
CornaRosaNew Deviant

Ah, I can hear it. :happybounce:

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SANS, what is that hand?! Also, Frisk looks adorable as a goat-kid. This needs to be an AU.
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SoulCharizardHobbyist General Artist
There is one. Called Dremurr Reborn. But sadly isn’t continuing I think. It’s on tumblr.
BlackFinSwampert's avatar
Yeah, I remember seeing that. Not quite the same thing, though. Frisk gave their soul to Asriel so he wouldn't turn back into Flowey. Frisk is still conscious and aware, but they and Asriel share a body and soul, and have to take turns.
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SoulCharizardHobbyist General Artist
I do hope someone takes up the mantle and continue that.
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Actually there is an AU where Frisk is being a goat-kid, it's called Hald-Hearted Dreamers and I really recommend checking it out. Sorry I am late to the conversation, but I thought I will share it with you because I really like it

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This is the best thing ever

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I'm actually ok with this
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HoneyPupDragonHobbyist Digital Artist
So glad this is a thing xD
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