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OTV: Prologue: Page 32

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Cover: Over The Void:  Cover by AbsoluteDream

Yeah, maybe a chat would be nice, heh.

One more page, then the prologue is finished!


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LeviaStar237Hobbyist General Artist
Poor Alphys! :tears:
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Okami-NorinoStudent General Artist
aww alpy
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puppylove2492Student General Artist
When your a true friend and won't tell anyone about your business. Alphys Christmas Icon Professor Alphys Icon Littletale Sans Icon {F2U} - Napping Sans pixel icon
CitrusEucalyptus's avatar
CitrusEucalyptusProfessional General Artist
Poor Alphys but also poor Sans; not only he is the first one to find out what happened to the other Dogs but to the other Monsters that has been absent from their families for quite some time.   
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pokediginutStudent Writer
So much pain in Her heart 
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StatelyElmsHobbyist Digital Artist
awww alphys it's okay
Chickenleg9999's avatar
We’re did they go?
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SuperBoss99Hobbyist Writer
Oh, thank god. I can't be the only one that thought Sans was going to pull out the blaster on her. Or try to bone her(and not in the good way mind you.)

Good to know that the prologue almost over. Soon we can get into the real story.
Boosterboo1's avatar
I hope Sans doesn’t tell the other monsters.
that what worries me the most.
Querez854's avatar
I don't know about you, but I myself am pretty sure that Sans is great at holding promises, and especially holding secrets.
Boosterboo1's avatar
Oh good.😇
CelestialFairyBloom's avatar
Of what the game told us of the amalgamates, it's most likely he did not tell a soul
Boosterboo1's avatar
Ok just checking.😇
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sithwolfHobbyist Writer
the sad is reall so real great work 
Sofffie's avatar
SofffieHobbyist General Artist
these shadows are creepy :)
Hydrangea-Madness's avatar
Hydrangea-MadnessHobbyist General Artist
anyone else see the shadow of gaster behind sans and the amalgamate behind alphys in the first panel?
StargazerDaNightwing's avatar
StargazerDaNightwingHobbyist General Artist
That was my initial thought too. I was like ,"Hey, what are those silhouettes? Oh. It's Gaster and Amalgamate." 
MrPeabodyFan123's avatar
*brightens screen*
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MikedawinaStudent General Artist
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LordBlackLotusHobbyist Writer
This hit me straight in the feels.
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He wont.  He must judge you on how much Love you have.
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Midnight197Hobbyist Digital Artist
poor Alphys I wanna hug her so badly ;w;
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