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OTV: Chapter 2: Page 73 (part 1)

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Cover: Over The Void:  Cover by AbsoluteDream

MK isn't very good at listening.


Undertale belongs to Toby Fox


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Imagine a door to an au

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MK... I'm not sure what I think about this... but it doesn't look like a good idea... :(
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I have a feeling that Mk is gonna go through the door and enter another AU or timeline of the same AU... Probably not right though, just a feeling Sanswinking 
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Hey, in the 4th and 3rd panel, did you use the same faces?
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Asriel knows more than you'd think about crazy things like this... I would've listened to him if I were you, MK... but then how would we find the plot?
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My brave little baby dino! 
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Here go boys. Right into the looking glass.
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He’s so brave that little one 
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Agh!! MK!! This is how all started in the first place!!!
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Aw don't do it cri
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Frisk is just standing there like “what?”
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"If I don't come back, tell your mom her pies are the best."
SansFangirl4life's avatar
why do I imagine something like what happens in Persona 4
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I mean that is a valid method of trying it out.
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Tibia honest I would probably do the same thing as MK
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So his tail is dexterous?
grifone01's avatar
That is a good idea after all
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Asriel is going to have an aneurysm at this rate
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Very bold to assume the rope isn't gonna break...
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Frisk is basically the Pikachu meme.
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Thanks ❤️
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