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OTV: Chapter 2: Page 69

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Cover: Over The Void:  Cover by AbsoluteDream

Asriel has a little moment of weakness, and a familiar name pops up.  MK is probably feeling a little out of the loop.  


Undertale belongs to Toby Fox


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MK being the smart one here

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Oh hey, Asriel's thinking the same thing I said two pages ago.

Mk is just standing there "who da hell is Chara?"

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Oops looks like Harry er, Azzy messed up... Maybe the mirror holds a magic stone that can free them by the way?

CaLl Me On YoUr CeLl PhOnE

im sorry I had to

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Just noticed a little vine peeking out
Stay positive, Azzy
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Cell phone?
*gaster noises*
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Awww poor Azzy, Having one of his moments.. 
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ooh! The forbidden word returns!
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panel 7-9 though...
100 Percent %% Emoji 100 Percent %% Emoji 100 Percent %% Emoji 100 Percent %% Emoji 100 Percent %% Emoji 
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Oh nuu * distressed * poor azzy boy is stressed.   T^T
Aw... Azzy my luvv
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The phone, does not work.
HotpocketHobgoblin's avatar
awww poor Azzy, but hey maybe the phone’ll work! although won’t be surprised if it doesn’t lol XD
Its either going to be Gaster noises, or memory heads, my moneys on Gaster noises
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My guess is its not gonna work
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And there goes my ears. 
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911 what's you emergency....
trapped in other dimension is not in manual  -.-
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*Prepares self for freaky noises via phone.*
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