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Dusk Animation

*EDIT*  I don't think some of you realize how disrespectful the "this isn't worth the price" comments are.  If it's so simple and cheap, do it yourself.  I didn't practice and work on my skills for 7 years to be told that my work isn't even worth minimum wage (which is what the price IS.  Even a little less to be honest).  And if there are people that offer this for cheaper, just know that they are doing you a massive favour in that they're only being paid for a fraction of their time and work. *EDIT*

Here's my last example for the Spyro YCH animation for now.   Casper Animation by AbsoluteDream SpyroYCHrough by AbsoluteDream

Wanted to try a more complicated design with a different personality, so I chose a character I haven't actually posted yet, named Dusk.  This is a character I adopted from IgniteTheBlaize  a while ago.  I had to get it, I just loved the design.  Still do, heh.  There's a few other adopted characters I need to give attention to.

Anyway, I'm thinking the price will be between $150-$200 CAD.  Have to give it a bit more thought before opening it.  I'll post a chart or something when I do. ^^


Character designed by :iconignitetheblaize:

Character belongs to me
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This is AMAZING animation! People who say it's not worth it have obviously never tried to animate anything themselves... ever. I animated just pencil sketches in college, and it is NOT easy. You made this look so good! I might commission you one day!

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what app you used for this animation?

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OMG This is so worth the price! Wowie! I would buy this if I could! XD

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So answer me these questions. So tell me something, when are you going to post this animation onto Sakugabooru? Or do you not know what Sakugabooru is? Should I explain it to you or are you going to look into it on your own?

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Wow those horns! Keeping those consistent must have been tricky! This is lovely!
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I'm sorry people were being rude! I absolutely understand what it takes to spend time on art for someone else, and its NOT nothing, even if you are getting paid. Seriously I hope it counts that I am obsessed with this YCH animation and I find it fascinating to watch. Its so detailed in its small motions that it looks lifelike, and even the pose appears to be 3D. This is some actual skill. Keep going and never let haters get you down. Amazing work!!
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I don't think people think just how long even a little bit of animation like this takes to do. An animation I'm working on that's a tab bit longer but with less frames took me almost the entire day. This guy is a professioal when it comes to this, so actually, in my opinion the value of these pictures are alot more. 

That's just me though.
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My god this animation is so beautifully smooth. Your work is incredible and anyone who says it isn't worth the price has no idea of the value of art or the value of any skill, really.
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This I beautiful, you're truly talented!
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Dang, Stripes and gradients have GOT to be hard to animate but you do it perfectly.
Don't listen to the whiners who complain about the price. You just be confident with how much you feel your work is worth and ignore the ones who pout about it.
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Does Spyro do the little snap of the jaw in the original ref you used to kinda design this off of, or did you add that in?
Cause with how smooth it flows all together I honestly can't tell and I'm also not that far in the reignited trilogy yet.
(Never owned Spyro as a kid, I was raised on Nintendo systems)

Still like the griffon better, but I think that's more based on the fact that it's a griffon than anything else.

As for those who say your not worth minimum wage or less, they don't have to ask you for your services.
So why do they in turn have to let you know they were even on your page in the first place?
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Congratulations on your twitter feature
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Absolutely adorable!
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This is 100% amazing

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Cool animation of a little dragon :D It looks lively ;)
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