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Casper Animation

For anyone that had played the new Spyro Reignited trilogy, you may recognize this animation, heh.  I loved the new idle animation they added to it, so I did one heavily based on it: SpyroYCHrough by AbsoluteDream   

I'm thinking I may open a couple of YCH (Your Character Here) of this animation in the near future.  I'll probably do one more example first.

Anyway, I wanted a chance to animate my own characters again.


Program used:  ToonBoom Harmony


Character belongs to me


:bulletblue: Hey, if you're able, and would like to keep track/be a part of my next big animation, support me on Patreon . ^^
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The way he does that star body and white eyes just took me by suprise.Really cool character!
I agree.  It's so fluid and it fits the Owl Dragon's stellar and creative nature.  Fantastic.
liketheearth's avatar
I love this character's design!!!
The-Azure-Turtle's avatar
WOAHHHHHh this is so cool!!
Ewlee11's avatar
can you tell me how to do the animations, can you tell me how to do animations like how you are doing, i want to learn how to do it.
DevilAntRat's avatar
Ow I see, Looking at the thumbnail I thought it was way too perfect and smooth for 2D so I thought it was 3D but of course, it's rotoscoped..
Good job you had me fooled..
saber360's avatar
Aww, hi there, little guy. ^^
Nunchuk64's avatar
Meltrash's avatar
frikkin love him! :heart:
NiaWolf15's avatar
I hope you ych this animation cuz i want one so bad maybe!! XDDDDD 
Perithefox10's avatar
good animation their
Nameless-the-Dinagon's avatar
Your animations are always so pretty and awesome. Even if they're super simple.
DarrolLayman2015's avatar
He's cute, and the animation is so fluid. I love it.
SuperEngie's avatar
thats really nice

LeoDragonsWorks's avatar
very cool work dude, love the galaxy effect!
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Holy fuck my first initial thought upon looking at this was ''James Baxter'', simply bc of how smooth it is and how it looks like CGI at first glance, especially when he moves his head around while ducking down. This is just absolutely amazing wow
BlackFinSwampert's avatar
Smooth as butter and amazing as always. You have quite the talent for animation. It takes more patience than I'm willing to muster myself.
itheparrot's avatar
Holy moly! This almost looks 3D it's so freaking smooth and dynamic. I legit thought it was a 3D animation converted to look 2D but after a closer inspection and seeing the sketch version of this animation, this is just jaw droppingly good. That's a new word now.
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A truly lovely animation! I hope I see your YCH and can get it - I would so love to get a tiny animation of my avatar, Evening Song!

Light and laughter,
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