What kind of dreams do you most often have?
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Nightmares, or scary dreams.. :fear:
Outlandishly impossible! :jedi:
Possible/realistic... but outrageous anyway. :crazy:
Just plain WEIRD.. :altermind:
Random but not -totally- outrageous. :XD:
I don't remember my dreams. :(
Dreams would require sleep. What is this sleep you speak of? :stare:
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Published: August 18, 2011
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For the last few months my dreams have been the same.

I am in a situation where I must get from point A to point B and at the beginning of the dream I find something that explains the extraordinary powers I have for said dream. I am also informed of what will be trying to stop me from getting to point B and some basic info on their Capabilities. I then get a thirty second head start and shape the dream world as I go along to suit what I need....sometimes I make it and sometimes I die a horrible death.
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Absolute-SeroHobbyist Digital Artist
I think some small part of that must come from all the roleplay-type games you play, hehehe. XD
It must be kinda cool, having different powers each dream.. that's for sure.
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Absolute-SeroHobbyist Digital Artist
I have incredibly boring dreams compared to the type I seem to hear people remarking on.. most of the time. When I actually remember them.
Oddly enough I used to more often have more bizarre dreams, but less so over the years.