The _hardest_ part you find about reading prose/poetry opposed to art?
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The time. ;-;
Has to be well-written enough to follow easily.
Must be a very interesting story/concept~
Got to have drama/action/suspense keeping me riveted.
No. fanfiction. PLZKBYE.
Short attention span! xD
Some other reason (do name it) D:
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Published: February 10, 2009
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Truthfully, I don't read the stuff you post because it's GIANT WALLS OF TEXT. Break it up a little? You should at least be putting dialogue on new lines. When there's so much text with no breaks, I get lost and my eyes start to go out of focus.

As for the rest of dA's prose/poetry, well uh. To be honest, it's mostly crap. |: Generally, I go to places that cater to that sort of stuff rather than digging around in a site that's mostly directed at visual artists.
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Absolute-SeroHobbyist Digital Artist
AHAHAHA. And see.. that's only a recent habit because I was making it about a dozen times longer by splitting up lines. Which I liked except it made things really spaced out and I grew away a bit from it. [Possibly because my roleplay-style writing (which I did more of for a year) is more like that because it's so short.]

I dunno. |: *epic fail* I am glad someone finally said that they LIKE the paragraphs split up because I think I asked around a while ago and generally people preferred otherwise.
I thought I was so weird.

Anywaaaaay. Noted and noted.
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Yeah, it does condense it (height-wise).

I think it's weird people would like it otherwise! I can't read things when they're written like that at all. D:
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its a lot of those reasons. if i am not interested in the story, if i dont know the characters, i dont have the time, its TOO deep and emo, its too scene-y.... too detailed.... i dont know. im picky on what i read. :D hi. bye.
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Short attention span.
I want to read it, really I do, but reading off the computer is hard anyways, and since it would be silly to print it out I don't bother.

I will always read fanfics my friends write though, mostly because they are awesome, but also because I know them in real life and they would punch me if I didn't.
Or write me into a awful story on purpose.
So I guess I only read stuff it I have to. o.o;;
...And the attention span thing.
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cardboard-jukeboxStudent General Artist
Some other reason: It needs to grab me in the first 2-3 lines. If the word usage doesn't stand out, or if I don't get a feel for the rhytm, I won't read it. Also, being a very visual person, if I don't like the way a writer portrays images through their words, I won't read it.
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