Should I mirror Dark's Watch on deviantART or simply post 'Dark's Watch has updated' notices?
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Mirror full comic pages on dA, just in case.
Just post 'Dark's Watch has updated', it'll do.
Steph's vote, 'cuz she doesn't waaanna vote on her own poll. :saddummy:
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Published: March 8, 2012
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If you don't care about DW, just consider webcomics in general..

Reason this is getting polled is because while I'd originally intended to put Dark's Watch in my gallery because it was simple, easy to understand (for me) and I didn't think it would grow as it did.. now I'm very likely considering having it on its own website.
This will probably take longer though, as I've forgotten almost everything in regards to the little I knew about website design.. but it will benefit greatly because DW is going to most likely have an unusual design for its frames/panels.

So.. poll time. I could mirror it here, or post a clip that would be updated whenever DW was updated. (Something inspired by *IntroducingEmy for her Trying Human webcomic - I almost never miss her updates this way. (: )
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