Rough prose which details a story I don't think I'll ever do properly.. where should it go? (See first comment for details.)
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I don't read prose and have no opinion. c: I like pie. ♥
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Published: January 25, 2012
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So.. this story is going to involve not only Jenny and Mika and the story that has been half-developed in my head for years.. but you will see other old characters finally getting a place of their own. For-sure characters aside from Jen and Mika are Swift, Marise, and Blair.. a very likely other is Kai.

Of course, this is all going to be as-it-comes; I may never finish this story, but it's been a nice break from scripting, and I'd rather have the half-finished stuff up than never do anything with it. :meow:

I could post in in my main gallery if there's enough interest..
Or I could leave it in scraps, where I'm less likely to fuss over it.

I don't care so much myself.. I'm mostly asking this so watchers can have a say, and if I have some who actually read it and don't want to hunt through my scraps to find things, I'll leave it in my gallery.
So much text for such a simple question OH WELL.
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Also, as a side thought, I'm hunting down anyone who uses MY vote option. Mostly since now that I've warned you, you will only do it to mess with me. And at least you'll be forewarned and ready when I show up outside your window. c:

I've had a long day. Does it show?
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