If I were to start on a big holiday/themed picture, which of the two themes would you rather I draw? (see first comment for elaboration) TLDR; pick one of the two plz? :meow:
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Halloween :pumpkin: (finish by Oct 31, will be up sooner but smaller, less likely to scramble to finish, might get a smaller x-mas picture done too)
Christmas or New Years' :holly: (finish by Dec 24-31, spend much more time on it/more elaborate, could get very delayed due to holiday stress, no Halloween picture)
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Published: September 29, 2012
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For newcomers, holiday pictures are VERY big projects in which I tend to spend a month or more working on as time allows.. I've done a number of them, the latest being "Let It Snow", done in 2009 ([link]). Did 3 in the year before that, and the original that started it all was this painful old thing: [link]

"Dead End" ( [link] ) was an attempt to do something similar for Halloween. :B

Either way, it's a lot of work, and whatever wins, gotta start in the next week or so if I want to be able to finish in time.
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Absolute-SeroHobbyist Digital Artist
Also mostly there's no guarantee that I will/won't do holiday-themed stuff.. but for the purposes of this poll, I'm just referring to doing anything requiring a lot of work/detail (speedpaints and sketches require neither). :XD:
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