How's your concentration? (In relation to art)
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I can focus whenever I need to for a long time.. :typerhappy:
I can keep to one task for a while, usually, until something else distracts me. :onfire:
So-so, but I multitask and get stuff done anyway. :bow:
Not the greatest, tends to take a while to finish! :XD:
Really dunno, my concentration comes and goes :la:
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Published: August 31, 2010
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I love to draw while I watch something, a movie I've seen before or a TV-series. Makes me feel like I can watch as much as I want without wasting my life, because I make pictures while I watch :) This can backfire though, because sometimes I get caught up in the movie/episode and forget that I'm holding a pencil -_-'
I tend to switch a lot between projects, it's not often that I sit down, sketch a picture, ink and colour it all in one go. I tend to sketch it out, draw or write something else and it's only after a while I get to inking and/or colouring it.
Writing happens every now and then, it's very random, these inspirational moments I get. If I'm inspired, I can write a lot in one go, but if I'm uninspired, I write a couple of sentences, do something else and then write another one.

Holy rant, Batman! Where did that come from? O_O
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Absolute-SeroHobbyist Digital Artist
Hehe, most of the time when I watch TV, I'm drawing. And actually I do similar lately whilst on the computer - I window Adobe and watch a movie sometimes, and layer the windows so I can watch the movie on one side whilst I draw/paint. Works surprisingly well. Though I tend to switch projects after a while too.
Writing's similar for me.. my focus can be great - I'll keep going for, like, hours, and then all of a sudden lose my focus. My best works tend to be one-shot, done all in one go like that.

Ha ha, it's all good, it happens XD <3
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Sad-AdamHobbyist Traditional Artist
I don't fit into any category. If I can draw I do it for a long period of time...meaning like 2 hours max or something...and then I'm done. If the picture isn't finished in one sitting then it never will be.
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Absolute-SeroHobbyist Digital Artist
We'll stick to art for now - maybe it's just me, but some subjects I can't focus on and others I can't keep my mind off of. *cough*roleplay*cough* ♥
And this is regardless of how often you get to it - when you draw/write, how long can you keep your attention on what you're doing? :3