How do you like to RP? :3
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Paragraph style with semi-descriptive or so language, somewhat large.
Shorter paragraphs, descriptive but not too elaborate.
IM/script-style (ie, 'Jenny: ...... *twiddles fingers*' and so forth)
RPG-style, like Dungeons and Dragons or similar.
Any of them/depends on the RP and who it's with! :]
I don't RP, dood. |:
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Published: March 12, 2013
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Absolute-SeroHobbyist Digital Artist
ALSO... I'm just saying, if you're looking for RP pals... I'm not looking for new roleplay at the moment (simply no time for it) but.. every one of my rp friends was met through someone else. If you comment and let people know you're looking, well, you might be surprised.

Just throwin' that thought out there realizing my rp friends are all connected, even if I don't talk to the friend who links them anymore. XD
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Absolute-SeroHobbyist Digital Artist
Just curious I s'pose. If there's a style I forgot just comment with it and I'll add it in.. I have a feeling that with how sick I've been lately, I probably am missing something. Oh well. XD
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