Have you seen "Frozen", and did you enjoy it if so?
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Yes, saw it and thought it was great! ♥
Saw it but it was just so-so.. |:
I did see it but didn't like it. :
I haven't seen it (but I want/am going to~)
Haven't and don't want/care to see it really. -shrug-
Steph's vote :fuzzydemon:
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Published: January 29, 2014
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Allysdelta General Artist
Saw it and enjoyed it. It isn't as good as Disney can get, but it's fun and looks great and I liked the emphasis on familial love over romantic love. And catchy songs. (I am biased, I got to watch Idina Menzel sing "Let It Go" back in September, and I've been pumped about it since.)

I don't think it really deserves the criticism it's been getting-- at least about the social justice part of it. Fergodsakes, one movie can't be everything to everyone, and even though it's got its problems, it also has Disney's first female director (and she has sole writing credit too!). Even if it'd have been cool to have some POC protagonists, it had women who were interesting and flawed people, and Disney DID sneak in their first openly gay character. ;) (It's a blink-and-miss instance, but the storekeeper's family consists of another man and their kids.)
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Absolute-SeroHobbyist Digital Artist
Agreed. And holy crow, I MISSED the storekeeper part because I streamed the movie and the quality wasn't good enough to really make out any of the family in detail... sweet. Good job, Disney.

The teaser trailer I saw ages ago actually made me go 'ehhh pass', because a reindeer and a snowman didn't seem that interesting. But Olaf was not just comedy relief, he was USEFUL. Very useful, even (and sometimes but not completely slow). That was a pleasant surprise.
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Absolute-SeroHobbyist Digital Artist
Sheer curiosity. I have noticed Frozen getting criticized on some elements and was curious to see what a poll to my watchers would yield in terms of responses. :)

I would like to see Disney do something kind-of different with their stories, and thought when I first watched this that it might be the case. It wasn't, and I imagine they won't under the Disney name lest they lose fans, but ehhh. The music was very catchy, at the very least. <3