"Friday" by Rebecca Black..
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..makes my ears BLEED! D8 Worst song I've heard!
..blaaaaaah (not the worst but still :[ )
..meh. 8|
..I actually like it a bit. >.>
..love it c:
.. wait, what is this? o_O [Google is your friend]
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Published: March 27, 2011
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Sad-AdamHobbyist Traditional Artist
Hahaha she is bad, she has no pitch and cant sing keys. Try looking up Friday Brock and watch the stupid remix. I watched a few seconds of it and it made me feel a little better inside.
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Absolute-SeroHobbyist Digital Artist
I have issues with the VIDEO as much as the song. For probably verrry obvious reasons.
Note that she's 13... why the hell are they driving/going to parties?

I've looked at other videos and heard her non-synthesized voice. She's not good or bad, I think, and her voice would be better with some lessons if she wanted to pursue music. But the lyrics and video? Oh please.
I'd feel bad for her if she did try to improve and seek good attention (rather than the laughs and bad attention her video's getting) because this will probably be laughed at for years. If not, well.. attention is attention to some people. :B
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diana-hndProfessional Digital Artist
It's not thaaaat bad. But it's not thaaaaat good either. :XD: And whatever I'm gonna say about the music and video... Well, I'm sure everybody else would have said it. :XD:

I have to say this though; She's only 13?! Good lordie, they're whoring out kid-singers into the music business too soon. (Oh wait, there's Michael Jackson who started out in Jackson Five at first...)

The co-writer and producer of that "Friday" song should know better than to write such.... um, lyrics. No offense to Rebecca, but the poor thing is only 13; it's likely she didn't realize if it's really a bad song. I mean, heck, if it (seems to) sound good, it's easy to believe it's decent. The producers would... should know if it was bad. But they went ahead with it.

I wonder if they had intentionally aimed for the negative attention.

I mean, look at her now! Sure, she probably has a hate club. But she IS getting famous, even to the point of getting the attention of some stars.

It's like Stephanie Meyer with Twilight all over again; only this time, it's in the music world, not in the literature world.

I feel bad for her too. That kind of negative attention is not what a kid should have to handle. It doesn't seem fair to her; I'm pretty sure she didn't expect to be famous for the wrong reasons.