Favourite holiday?
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Valentines' day :heart:
Easter :3
New years' eve! :party:
X-mas/christmas :xmas:
Halloween :pumpkin:
Thanksgiving ^^
Other (feel free to share 8D)
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Published: August 6, 2009
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DecodedErrorStudent Digital Artist
I can't decide between Christmas or New year. Dx Ended up voting on Christmas though, even though my Christmases often end up like hell due to family issues, I still love the Christmas tree and all the shining lights. @w@ New year is so much more fun though, because I get to celebrate it with friends. ... I still can't decide! Dx
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Absolute-SeroHobbyist Digital Artist
Hah.. yeah. The family - or in my case, being forced to show my face to one side of my family- is the downfall to an otherwise fun event. Love the decorations and tree.
I love new years' as well.. Just can never get anyone out celebrating with me!

Heh. Should have had an "all of the above" option or such shouldn't I? XD
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Absolute-SeroHobbyist Digital Artist
I know my favourite. |D
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cardboard-jukeboxStudent General Artist
Really? Cause I don't! XD Overall though, my favorite holiday would probably be Mardi Gras, so I'll have to choose other. ^^
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Absolute-SeroHobbyist Digital Artist
I left that for more local holidays, since I knew there are people from around the world here x3 Figured it'd be cool to hear favourites that are more culture or country-oriented and stuck to the basics I could think crossing international lines.

I know little about Mardi Gras myself.. ^^; I can see why it'd be awesome though, just from what little I *do* know. ♥
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