Does music (by itself) ever make you cry? :cries:
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Definitely! :crying: It's not too hard.. </3
Well.. sometimes.. just maybe :blush:
Nope. I am tear-free! :la:
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Published: August 18, 2012
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MikkhosHobbyist Digital Artist
Sometimes! It depends. Most of the time no, but if I'm in the right mood and there's a weepy violin... well that's just plain unfair. 8I
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Okay, this may sound weird, but it was really late in the evening, and someone had written a Supernatural fan song about Sam Winchester, and it was heartbreaking and I cried.

I am not proud of this fact.
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Absolute-SeroHobbyist Digital Artist
Hoping the title says enough, but I mean just listening to certain types of music. Not watching a movie and getting saddened by the background theme. ^^;
I think of sad songs, but if there are alternate reasons you cry.. I'm sure they can be taken into account too?

I'll admit I have a few songs that tend to be saved for only when I'm in the mood to listen to them, because I find them sad. </333