Do you eat meat?
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I am a total carnivore!
Mostly, yes~
Some meats, but not all of them.
Only a little, or very specific kinds of meat.
Nope, I'm vegetarian/vegan.. no animals for me, thx.
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Published: September 24, 2011
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Sad-AdamHobbyist Traditional Artist
I don't eat anything from our waters, because I don't like fisheries and the destruction of the ocean we're causing. I'm actually doing a research paper on it ha! BUT I really like beef, chicken, lamb, javelina, duck, dove. Just not pig or turkey. I grew up with hunters all around me (all my neighbors) so I've tried a lot of game animals. I'd rather eat self caught animals then processed over farmed animals.
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Absolute-SeroHobbyist Digital Artist
...I never heard of javelina. I had to look it up XD (But hey, something extra I learned today (: )

Since I don't eat beef or pork (mostly because I don't really like the taste), I try to eat poultry and seafood so I have some sort of iron intake.. I'm not sure the fisheries here are any better though. I hear they aren't, despite it being a big part of my province's heritage and all that jazz.. Anyway. (Good luck on your paper - sounds like an interesting topic to be researching.)
Self-caught and free-run animals are my preference too. The conditions that animals endure in some 'farms' are just appalling.
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Sad-AdamHobbyist Traditional Artist
Yep. And I don't think Canada is as bad as the the US and Japan which are even in average amount farmed, but not even Japan and the US combined can reach the amount that China farms. Japan, Russia, Norway, Iceland are a few of the big whaling people (educated guess, I don't remember all of the countries listed!) so unfortunately even though whales have been on the endangered and protected species list for about 30 years, they're still being wiped out. I remember seeing a video of a fishery and they accidentally caught a dolphin and slit its throat and let is bleed to death instead of just releasing it. Poor dolphin looked like s/he was having a seizure.

Javelina are really, super annoying and cute looking. They're violent like most wild boars so they can kill small children, they'll annihilate your garbage can, and eat all the plants in your yard. (known from experience) They're not afraid of people at all. I was throwing rocks near one to scare it off and it just kept going at the same pace in a bigger arc.

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Absolute-SeroHobbyist Digital Artist
I know meat isn't necessarily a big part of everyone's diet, depending on where you live and what traditions you adhere to, but was more or less curious to know about people's thoughts when it was a choice. :meow:

I avoid beef and pork myself (have for years), mostly because I rarely like the taste of it and find chicken and seafood leaner and less contaminated.
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