Comfortable exercising with the other gender, or just your own?
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Comfortable with either.
Prefer one gender/my own.
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Published: August 18, 2009
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cardboard-jukeboxStudent General Artist
When I go to a gym it is always my jc's gym(which I have time to go to this semester! Yes!) and I have no problem exercising in front of the boys. I just put in my earbuds and go, I don't care who's around. In pretty much every situation in life, if I don't have to interact with people I really have no preference who's around.

However, if I were going to ask someone to be my workout buddy, I'd prefer it to be a girl than a guy. I can't really say why. :shrug:
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Absolute-SeroHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm pretty much the same.. especially because I live with my MP3 player on when I'm out and about so much. XD Everyone else at the gym I go to is the same.. half of them have music running, and everyone sticks to themselves generally.

Yeah a workout 'buddy' is a bit different.. it would have to be a girl I was pretty close with and could relax around or a guy. I'm not sure why either.. don't really have a lot in common with girls at times.. maybe that working out with a guy might make me work harder. Dunno. o-o *shrugs with*
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Absolute-SeroHobbyist Digital Artist
This is if you do exercise or if you did, regardless of how often and whatnot.

I hope the question makes sense. I have choices in my area of going to a women-only gym or sticking to ones open for everyone. My sister goes to the women-only gym. I guess this is more girl-oriented 'cuz I'm not positive how many guy-only gyms there are around, at least here anyway. xD; But anyway.

Maybe it comes from being raised in exercising/taking gym classes with both genders all but the two years I took PE.. maybe martial arts, where everyone's equal. Though I think the more likely reason for me is that I tend to find an atmosphere too full of women would bother me.. girl gossip is a no for me.

But just a general curiosity if everyone is pretty blase about exercising or if some find working out or exercising with the opposite gender awkward at any time?
>___> *needs better poll idears*