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Any interest me making available PDF versions of completed prose, for those who are or -might- be interested in reading written works (but not on DA's site)? 

1 deviant said Yes!
1 deviant said Sero's vote. :plotting:
No deviants said Not sure.. depends! (if you've ideas as to what will make this work, do tell~)
No deviants said Nope!

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Absolute-Sero Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This would be for stories which are complete or going to be completed. I should have thought of this a while ago for Trial for the Deluded (…, as much of its formatting had to be changed to work on DA and looks better in the original document.
Same would go for Madness Laughs, which thankfully will be a much shorter time to finish.

Due to my failure in making complete edits until a story is fully done, I don't think I will do PDFs for every chapter because then I'd find myself editing the multiple PDFs constantly.. but the whole thing, though.. then I've usually had enough time to look-over and make sure all my pieces fit properly :B
Part of my issue is just starting reading and allotting time to finish with prose online, though I find I don't care for DA's style either so.. that doesn't help.

Reading isn't everyone's thing, but those who could be enticed into it with other ways/places to read it.. need moar suggestions. :fuzzydemon:
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