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Do you like cartoons? :fuzzydemon: 

13 deviants said Yes, of course! Never too old for cartoons :love:
2 deviants said Depeeends on the cartoon.. :B
No deviants said No.. I mean it's cool if you do, but.. :movingon:
No deviants said Cartoons make me raaaaaage! (Aka most definitely no) :pissed:

Devious Comments

Absolute-Sero Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This doesn't come at all from a conversation with my sibling upon explanation that I was going to see Brave with a group of friends, and might go out for drinks after with these friends.. which I received the remark, 'You're going out drinking after a kid's movie?'
Disregarding the fact that Brave is made by Pixar, and all of my friends and I love Pixar movies, and Pixar is friggin' AWESOME (plus I hear Brave is supposed to be a bit darker/more adult versus some of their movies to date)...
I don't believe you have to grow out of cartoons. Oy. :sarcasm:
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