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What style of comic do would you prefer? (read comment for elaboration if needed :B

3 deviants said Larger pages (ie. like…)
2 deviants said No preference!
1 deviant said Smaller pages (ie. like…?)

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Absolute-Sero Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Quick explanation:

I haven't decided how to progress through Dark's Watch (a work-in-progress comic that is being scripted at the present). Honestly I'm in favour of doing larger pages with more content in them, in order to put up a smaller number of pages that might be considered boring. But, I'm curious to see if there's any sort of preference.

Smaller pages are also seen in styles like that of Earthsong and LFG. Basically more common-place, and you have to scroll very little to read the entire thing.

Larger pages are those like in Lackadaisy and Questionable Content (although my comic panels are going to be more intricate than QC's).

I'm still thinking over how to arrange my layouts in a way I like and that fits Dark Watch's mood, so it's mostly the size I'm wondering about. Do you prefer smaller pages that *might* (only might, in my case.. no promises) appear faster and don't have to be scrolled through? Or larger pages with more content that can be scrolled down, which might take longer (larger pages might also be given more detail for the extra time taken). Pros and cons to both.

Derp. I'm a long way off from drawing Dark's Watch, but question posted anyway! xDD
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