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Outstanding projects (comics, mainly EA:LEC ones).. do I complete them as comics, or switch to writing? 

3 deviants said Comics !(*very* slow)
2 deviants said Prose! (not fast, but much more regular)

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Absolute-Sero Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I thought I could work on comics while I was at school before I arrived.. but with the amount of time that goes into them, I don't think that will be possible until I am out. ;___; Mainly, this is regarding work for the :iconea-lec:, though I think it will influence other materials too.

Basically, the choices are..
A) Keep on slooowly trying to make scripts into comics.. I imagine at this point most of the work will be during summer/winter/spring breaks. I have a heavy enough courseload that I don't foresee regularly having time even on weekends to pour into comics.. not with the amount of time that I like to put into comics. I mean I could TRY, but we're talking slow-going here. Artwork is very much confined to my desktop, so it's also only about one day a week available to it right now.
B) OR. I begin writing them out and transforming them into written passages. This is more possible because I can transport written work much easier, and write on my laptop if need be. It's faster than comics because I am not concerned about panelling/borders/layout/etc etc. I would be much more likely to get these done even regularly if I wanted, as it's not essentially as labour-intensive as comics are.

The question is are my comics/written materials on-par enough with each other that I could trade-off to writing? I'm really not sure, since my comics need improving anyway- but I seem to do better by drawing them.
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