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Yep. It may not be the cure-all for everything, but it can help evade catching the nasty bugs going around this year.

Speaking of sickness, I have been fighting off a virus for over a month. A month of illness is unheard of for me - I wonder if my immune system just went 'screw it' this year and didn't even try to fight what's going around knowing it'd lose? 8D
Between being sick, work, and a brief visit to my family (which ended poorly because I was sick as a dog by the day I flew home) I do not know where December really went. I've done very little, especially art-wise. Trying to sit at a computer for long and then focus on the screen while I'm drawing on my tablet.. it just didn't happen much. I had periods where I thought I was recovering and able to focus, but they've been short-lived and followed by another health plummet. More time's been spent sleeping or doing more brainless activities, which has felt extremely weird and frustrating.  Not that I'm bed-ridden or severely sick.. just chronically so, but that's kind-of a problem in itself.
Even just trying to write this journal, I'm having to re-read everything because stringing a coherent sentence together is three times harder than usual. ..Ummmm.. lol??

Anywho.. I wanted to say
thank you to those who watch me and have left kind comments!  :heart: 
AND thanks for the birthday wishes - it was a nice thing since I was actually home sick that day (the only day I ended up being too sick to come into work to boot; it was bad) ♥♥♥
I know my watchers are the only ones who may see this journal, but I do read my comments and I appreciate them immensely along with favs. Despite my hardcore fail in answering mostly anything of late, I am grateful.  There are questions/replies too that I didn't answer (and due to the time length since they were posted, I may or may not) but they are appreciated all the same.  Even when I'm not stressed/busy/sick I find answering comments has become challenging for some reason, so I put it off unreasonably without even realizing I'm doing it.. until I see it's from two months ago. Then the awkwardness of answering skyrockets, yet I hate not answering comments.
I will eventually.. eventually being the key word.. attempt to catch up, 'cuz excuses aren't worth beans.

I need to feel better first, though.  I am sick of being sick. :dead:
(I have already gone to a doctor for those who were thinking it. XD Multiple times, I'm still a work-in-progress but steps are being taken.)

From personal experience, I say this is a year to take VERY good care of yourself and avoid catching the illnesses going around. If you've never worn a mask just to protect yourself from coughing individuals judge me all you like I am thinking of the little children here who can't cover their mouths might be a good year.
Until next journal, ciao!
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Submitted on
January 10, 2015