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Sooooo I got a notice that some in-game cash I bought a long time ago is expiring.. I decided 'why not play the game and use it up at least? it's been AGES'.
This was a mistake. I think I knew it would be but I did it anyway. :roll:

Anyone who might play Mabinogi... I play on the Mari server. Look up 'Raissa' or 'Sykiah' (there's a small chance I run around as one of my pets but only for short periods).  I am by no means a skilled player but parties can be beneficial to not dying.
What is Mabi?   --- Well, it's a game where you can pretty much do anything with yourself. Blacksmith, chef, puppeteer, song-writer (SERIOUSLY. I have walked through towns and heard various scores from all sorts of games.. I think I heard the Super Mario theme once..) lance fighter, martial artist, wizard, archer, etc etc etc x infinity. And you 'rebirth' sometimes to keep the levels coming but keep all the skills you had before, so you can try out everything.  But plenty is dungeon-raiding and spatting with the local wildlife, which I can't help but do a lot of. Plus all sorts of trades, quests, etc. In all its atmosphere is friendlier than other MMO's I play so there's that too.

AHEM. Moving on, my work has been and will continue to be sporadic throughout December, so I don't know how much art's gonna get itself done now that I have a terrible new distraction to take up time with. Sure as hell going to try though!
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December 12, 2015


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