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One more week. Derp. 8|

Fri May 6, 2011, 10:07 PM
Can't believe I've been in Vancouver 4 months.. though looking back, they've been busy months. Not just in terms of school, but.. well, a lot. It feels like it's been longer.  But, I think I'm going to be able to pass my courses this semester - finals begin next Monday (I have 7 of them.. >__> ). All I can think is "derp" because I'm so beat from this semester. Sheesh.
It's not quite over, as I've probably said before - two weeks of work in a hospital await me at the end of May. But I get a two-week breather and move back home next week.


:bulletgreen: Notice

It's still going to be a long summer, but speaking of summer, I wanted to say again..

I will take commissions this summer.
And I'd LOVE commissions, even if only small ones, because I won't be able to work (probably) even if I want to. [Unless I REALLY lucked out and somehow got a summer job that wouldn't strain my knee after I get surgery to repair the messed-up ligament in it.]
I know very well due to the poor economy and many, many people's financial situations that my chances of actually getting any requests are low, but my program is far, far too demanding to work on weekends for in addition to living away from home. Plus rent and student fees go up next year. (International watchers who do not have to pay tuition fees, rejoice in being spared this misery, because.. it SUCKS like you wouldn't believe. T.T)

Figured I'd ask. You can ignore my old commission journal/info, as I'm a bit quicker with art since I started drawing on the computer. I'll probably keep the prices low for all but intricate paintings and comics (depending on the length).. 10-20$, less for sketches, monochrome, or lineart, and decide on estimates when I've got an idea of the time/work involved.

Some style examples..

EALEC: The Collector's Helpers by Absolute-Sero :bulletwhite: Let It Snow -2009- by Absolute-Sero :bulletwhite: :bulletwhite:   Techie by Absolute-Sero :bulletwhite:   Last night by Absolute-Sero :bulletwhite: TLD - The same scars by Absolute-Sero

Not an exclusive/exhaustive list, so if you wanted something like traditional art or a comic.. just ask.

/begging for some work this summer kbye


:bulletpurple: Art-related

I pitched a fit and hid my entire gallery for a couple of days and have tentatively gone through and restored a number of older deviations that were previously in storage.. enjoy them while they're here, I'm not sure I'll tolerate them that long. XP

While I was doing it though I had the chance to re-read Omens, and can definitely conclude something from it.
I have mentioned I'm working on another comic idea right? ...No?  Well. I am. 'Cuz my life wouldn't be complete without another project on the go. 8D
And it relates to that you'll be seeing Swift again in it. Along with others. It's still in the brainstorming stages, but so far, you're likely to be re-acquainted with Mika, Jenny, Swift, Kai, Kira, Lilac, and Blair in the story.. along with meet new faces such as Marise, Scott, Narshe, Jericho, and Tyler (all but the first are roleplay characters whom have never been seen in my gallery). And I've barely even started yet.

I'll maintain my present projects alongside, but it's food for thought once my time returns.


:bulletyellow: And that's a wrap!

Here, have one of the weirder/ more amusing videos (maybe NSFW for extremely cartoony blood) I've found. :|

And have some minions. Bwee hee. ♥


Art To-Do list!:

Order is *tentatively* from lowest priority to highest priority at the bottom!

:bulletwhite: means unstarted
:bulletyellow: means started
:bulletgreen: means it's in-progress
:bulletpurple: means almost done.
and not being on this list anymore or slashed out means done ;b


:bulletwhite: Teaser pages for WIP comic..
:bulletyellow: "The Mirror"
:bulletgreen: ea-lec: Jadyn's introduction, profile, and league page
:bulletgreen: ea-lec:: Kira vs. Adam Adam P.2
:bulletpurple: ea-lec: "Cryptic Innocence" pt. 2


TLD is my written novel, "The Last Divides", and is about four character's lives being entangled together by chance, and the result is their very different worlds colliding and offering a spark of revolution - and hope- in a post-apocalyptic world that seems likely to suffer a repeat of its near-fatal catastrophes centuries past..

To read profiles and chapters available online, go here.
Content until the end of part 1 of the story is public, you don't need an account to read it.
TLD is for mature readers. (Content ranges from teen-safe to graphic [18+] in nature.)
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May 6, 2011