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  • Listening to: see the Livestream and find out! XD
  • Drinking: Monster (anyone surprised at this?)

>>>>>>>>>>>>  LIVESTREAM ROOM <<<<<<<<<<

'Cuz apparently I won't concentrate unless I am have a stream going 8T   Will be setting the stream up promptly.

Old watchers, remember "Ablaze"?  
For newer watchers..
   Ablaze (original) by Absolute-Sero

I'm redrawing it. Which I've wanted to do for a while but also because I'd like to get it done for dA's contest.. thing. Don't care about placing or anything, but it's good motivation for me to get off my butt and finish it already :B
As usual, music will be going.  Generally my playlist is safe but not all of it might be sooo.. yeah. Ye be warned.  

Come say hi if you so feel, I love chatting while drawing, even if I'm kinda slow to respond. <3333  I'm kinda stoked to re-draw this image, as I've always rather liked Ablaze, as the two OCs - Lily and Adair- have a complicated relationship which I enjoyed visualizing.. But, I hated how I only put a night's work into it and got sloppy at the end because it was very late/early morning.. so we'll see if I can actually like this version and not feel compelled to redraw it next year. :]


EDIT::   concluded, mostly 'cuz roomies got home and my concentration suffers for that. Catch y'all next week mayhaps!
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Submitted on
September 15, 2012