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For me anyway. :T  Where the fuck did February go?

Anyhow. Wee update of sorts I guess.  I am still open for commissions and will stay this way until exam time. Which I'll take them but will not accept payment/start on them until mid-June. This exam is a big sucker that will span 6 hours and cover essentially all material from my 2.5 years of schooling. I have a month to study for it. Yeeeeeee-up.

I will admit that I am guilty of re-starting Maplestory. That's right, Maple of all games. I play 'Naielle' on the Khaini server for now, but I am hoping that after some account issues are sorted out, I will be able to get back my level-100 priest 'Sikiah' (remember that name? hurr hurr c8)
I'm not much of a hardcore player but I could use more buddies. If you want someone to just bounce around with and such, do stalk me. I mean.. message me. Yeah. >.>




:bulletred:  for :iconcastile: -- complete
:bulletwhite: for :iconmikkhos: -- unstarted (reserved spot/reminder-to-self)

Want a commission from me? c:

:bulletyellow: Chibis - 2 for 10$;;;   3 for $15
- will only do 3 max in one image
DW - harassment? by Absolute-Sero DW - you boys.. by Absolute-Sero

:bulletblack: Sketches - 5$
- max of 3 characters, no intricate shading
Sketch - time to go by Absolute-Sero

:bulletblue: Coloured pencil lines/CG lineart/CG black-and-white drawing - $10
- 2 characters basic, 15$ for 3
Sinking by Absolute-Sero   'A Great Change' lines by Absolute-Sero

:bulletgreen:  CG colour drawings - 15$
- max of 2 characters per drawing, background will be simplistic
Games We Play by Absolute-Sero

Anything else? Please do ask via note here,  or email (s(dot)rose(dot)wats(at)gmail(dot)com) [replace (dot)s with actual periods].  
I will do paintings, but seeing as they're time-consuming and labour intensive, I can't put a price on them because complexity matters a lot. ^^; I will only take one painting at a time, after which I will turn down/waitlist anyone interested.
Anything else in my gallery in terms of style - I vary between programs and styles and what-have-you a little- just request and make reference to the specific image you liked the style of. Cheers! c:
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Submitted on
March 1, 2013