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So.. after about, five years of the same glasses, I finally got a new prescription and frames. The exam and frames ended up costing more than I would have liked.  I could use some extra money to put it towards those glasses.
I would like to raise $100 or more to try and cover what my (re: my mom's) insurance doesn't. For a while, I will take commissions by donation!

What does this mean?  This means that I will do whatever you like if you can send me a donation via Paypal. You can talk to me about other methods if you don't have Paypal but that's generally the way-to-go.
So.. take a browse through my gallery. Like a certain style of picture and want me to do another like it?  Request it! :)

:bulletred:  'Styles' of mine include sketches, painted sketches, inked pencil drawings,  CG lineart, CG colour drawings,  CG paintings*, speedpaints, pixel art, small comics (black-and-white only)

* difference between drawings and paintings are size, resolution, detail, and shading complexity; paintings in comparison to drawings are altogether more time-consuming and much bigger projects, taking up more time and space on my hard drive *

:bulletyellow:  The only tentative things I'd have to think about/put in the 'maybe' column would be funny comics - because really, I lack teh funniez 80% of the time.. unless you have a joke to draw!- or full-colour/large comic pages or realistic portraits (speedpaints could be painted somewhat realistic).

:bulletred:  I'll do backgrounds on-request.. just keep in mind that I'm going to be basically working at the hospital without pay for 5 days a week and doing an online course, and my time's really valuable. Just understand that for big requests, I might be somewhat bogged-down and they might take a while :heart:  (Also, though I highly doubt this'll be a problem, if I get more than one request, I'll work on them first-come, first-served - please be patient, I won't forget, and if you think I have, just gimme an occasional reminder.)


Thought I'd throw this out there. I'm going to update my commission info/prices, so until then or until I take this journal down, donation commissions are open.  The proceeds will help cover the glasses, eye exam, and any extra (!) will help me move out and pay for living.

Send a note here on dA, or e-mail  corruptedsilence(at)hotmail(dot)com (<- replace with the appropriate symbols, posting the full e-mail here means I'll get attacked by spambots ;_; ) and I'll reply with where to send it on Paypal or negotiate another payment method.

'Painted' sketch --   World So Cold by Absolute-Sero
CG coloured drawing -- We Perform This Way by Absolute-Sero
CG painting -- Dead-End by Absolute-Sero
Speedpaint --   Bonfire Dance by Absolute-Sero

For the rest of the examples.. well, for the unfamiliar, my gallery is here!

Thought it'd be worth a shot, posting the option here.. meanwhile I shall return to trying to sell things and scrounge up a little for the glasses. Darn my faulty eyes! :paranoid:
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Submitted on
June 28, 2012