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Commissions eh?

Fri Aug 28, 2009, 8:42 AM
(just an edit to update the prices and examples and whatnot)

Information is below.. I will do my best to make commissions a priority in my long to-do list, but just allow some patience for my real-life. I have plenty on-the-go most days so I just don't get as much time to sit and work on artwork as I'd like. :]

Commissions will all be made available on deviantART for viewing, though may be at a lower resolution/resized.
And note that I have begun signing AND watermarking some of my more guarded pictures.. subtle, but enough to guard pictures I especially don't want stolen. No, you may not see the watermark, but if I find it being used elsewhere I will likely be able to prove it is mine.

(T) =  anything that is drawn by hand; I can mail traditionally-drawn products if you would like, but for that you must let me know in advance, as well as be prepared to cover the shipping/handling fee. I will do my best to secure and protect anything I send, but as some might know there are postal workers out there who like to vandalize mail. Apparently some people enjoy wrecking others' stuff.

(D) = a picture that is based mostly within digital creation methods. (Presently, using Adobe CS2.) These can be simply drawings or paintings at a resolution for print size.  Digital work, as you may noticed, is priced different than traditional, as my methods between the two differ.

(T/D) = a mix of traditional and digital methods.


Payment:  Paypal is preferred, but this is negotiable (note that the e-mail listed is not my Paypal contact - I will give the address via note or e-mail).  Any other method I must receive payment beforehand before I will finish a product. Other payment methods you are welcome to discuss with me.



Note that this is NOT a closed list - you are welcome to ask about anything else of interest in a commission!
Unless given other suggestions, backgrounds will not be done or simple.
And these prices are all
estimates, not set in stone, so please inquire if you'd like more info~

:bulletblue: Pencil Lineart (T)

1-2 characters: 5$
3+ characters: 8$

Coloured: +4$ per picture

**In all pencil work I WILL include a background in for no extra if requested, but nothing extremely intricate.
**No extra for full-body images, but please request full-body in commission details.

Pencil Lineart
Do not want. by Absolute-Sero .

:bulletgreen:  Inked Lineart (traditional) (T)

1-2 characters: 10$
3-5 characters: 13$

coloured:  +6-8$

**Included upon request is a simple background within the price; for more ornate pictures in terms of design or background, the price may be increase - it can be discussed.
**Examples illustrate simple pencil shading, if desired - for more intricate work, please ask.
**It is up to you to let me know if you'd like full-body pictures done - unlike digital lineart (see below) I won't charge extra for full-body, but unless specified you may only get a waist-up shot if you don't mind and it makes the picture look better.
**Colour is negotiable in price and style (flat or painterly, digital or traditional)

:thumb158368561: . Girltalk-Boytalk by Absolute-Sero . Sketch - 'How could you?' by Absolute-Sero .
(not coloured/pencil shaded)
Casual conversation by Absolute-Sero . . Tigerlily by Absolute-Sero

:bulletpurple: Drawings (digital) (D)

Waist-up: 10$
+ 2$ for each extra character
Full-body: 15$
+ 5$ for each extra character

Add a lineart background: +5$

**I will splash on a shade or two of gray and/or eye colour if requested at no cost, but automatically I will leave lineart plain otherwise.
**This lineart style is left basic, but if you would like very intricate black-and-white lineart please ask.

Add colour: +5$
for drawings, colour is simple and distinct.. see paintings below for soft, detailed, more blended colouring style!

Brotherly affection -lines- by Absolute-Sero . Techie by Absolute-Sero

Little squabbles by Absolute-Sero . Close your eyes by Absolute-Sero. Let it rock by Absolute-Sero

:bulletwhite: Paintings (D)

For one character..
Waist-up: 15$-18$
Full-body: 18$-22$
*does not include a detailed background, if any

Extra characters..
+ 8$-12$ each (depending on the rest of the painting)
if these characters are in the background, the amount may be lower

For a detailed background/setting..
+ 10$-15$ (only an estimate - depends on the detail)

**NOTE: with paintings in my style, a background and setting that changes the rest of the picture, mostly lighting, will increase the amount of work on everything else, thus the chance of a price being higher if it is very ornate, or if the background is one that takes just as much time or more time than the characters.
**Paintings are flexible in terms of price depending on what you'd like.
**If you would like a monochrome painting, please ask - these will not be as much as colour.

Pages by Absolute-Sero . Let It Snow -2009- by Absolute-Sero . .

:bulletblack: Speedpaints (D)
What are my 'speedpaints'? They are digital pictures done in a limited span of time (usually depending on what they are, within 3-12 hours), and painterly but much more loosely-coloured than paintings/drawings and on as few layers as possible. Speedpaints are stylized, not intended to be realistic portraits (which I will not do at this time for multiple reasons). Speedpaints are altogether smaller than paintings, also, and more restricted for that reason.

A speedpaint is 20$ flat.
  Maximum of two characters, limited backgrounds
Limited resolution.

Last night by Absolute-Sero . Inferno by Absolute-Sero . Friday night by Absolute-Sero

I cannot/will not draw:

- any sexual scene/activity/content I find uncomfortable (ask)
- anything robotic/mecha
- "hate" art

And while I will draw violence/gore/sexual situations, I may not put it on deviantART if it breaches any standards (or I am worried that it may) of the website's. I may turn down any subject I personally disagree with, but that's not something I would like to list here. Ideologically sensitive material cannot go on here, and I will or will not draw it depending on the content - please ask.

I can't promise deadlines, but I will do my be to work quickly, given the time left after school, work, and taking care of myself. (:



Interested?  Send me a note here on DA - you can also e-mail me at
quicksilver-rose[at]hotmail[dot]com :bulletwhite:
By contacting me about a commission I trust you have read to and have no problems with my conditions.

The prices above are estimates - I'll give you the price once given all the information, which may change slightly, though they will be in that range. More detail, the more likely it is to be a bit higher - alternatively if you request something simple, it might be a bit less. Again, I would like to offer flexibility, so don't be afraid to send questions.

Please include in your message...

~Style of commission: (sketch/lineart/drawing/painting/speedpaint)
~Number of characters and angle, if necessary,:
(ie. waist-up or full-body)
~For sketches/lineart/speedpaint: B/W, monochrome, or coloured?:
~Background idea, if desired:
~Payment method:
~Names and reference(s) of characters, well-written or drawn. ( Be as detailed here as you can! I can work much better if you give me all the information I can get to keep in-character as possible; the more references I have, the better for everyone.)
~Any concepts or elements or themes you would like in the image - whether you've a thought already in mind, haven't decided entirely but have an idea, or have no idea, let me know! For instance, if you wanted me to draw your two characters, I can draw them yes.. if you wanted your two characters kissing, or trying to kill one another, that is what I mean. :]


Hmmm. And I think I'll pimp out a couple of friends I know who are seeking commissions.. I am not afraid to offer out other styles if you simply weren't interested in my own.

And thankfully I will still be working on art.. just planning projects that are gonna take a bit longer. ;]


Itching for a commission? Other artists who are open for commissions:

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Listed artists have their own conditions and prices, so be sure to read their conditions!
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