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As I mentioned before, I will open a commission slot for those who may be interested!  I expect no interest, not in these troubled times, but I figure 'why not'? I am really trying to improve my discipline on art, and a little income would be nice since I'm between-jobs.
So the deal is this:

:bulletblack:   I will take one commission at a time.
In the unlikely event there's more than one request (ahahahaha oh god why would there be) I will make a wait list.  This isn't because I expect to take forever but to ensure the least stress on myself and clients.

:bulletblack:   Prices are subjective and in CAD. :flagcanada:
I will provide estimates on styles.   See conversion rates so you know what you're paying if it is not in Canadian dollars.  (Examples will come shortly!)

:bulletblack:  Extra characters may mean increased prices.
This will be subjective as well and factored into the picture as a whole (such as whether it's full-body, colour, etc etc).

:bulletblack: I reserve the right to turn down a commission if it contains material I'm not comfortable drawing.
 I'm not established in what I won't draw, as I'm willing to listen to ideas. If I am not comfortable or for any reason don't want to take the commission, I will let you know.  Anything that I take which does not suit deviantART standards will not be posted here, obviously.

:bulletblack:  Commissions are not for commercial use without my written consent.
Personal use is fine, and credit would be highly-appreciated but unnecessary as long as any signature and subtle watermark is not tampered with.

A draft will be provided, but payment must be received in full before the image will be sent to the client.



***  as stated above, image prices are ESTIMATES only; detail and size (full-body, waist-up, bust) will factor in. ***

Avialae - BAD TOUCH by Absolute-Sero

Black-and-white lineart -  $30 -- $50+

Mature Content

No Mercy, No Forgiveness by Absolute-Sero
Immortal of Ice by Absolute-Sero

Coloured lineart (no background) -  $50 -- $100+

You Can't Run by Absolute-Sero

Painting-style (with background)  - $175+ and upwards

Dark's Watch - PROL-1 by Absolute-Sero

Comic pages  -  min $100+;
highly-dependent on size, number of panels and details


I may update this later if prices and/or rules change at all. But cheers for now!
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Submitted on
September 6, 2017