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A sort-of scatterbrained entry..

Fri Oct 1, 2010, 10:40 AM

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Because I don't have any main points to address, albeit a handful of unrelated ones, this is going to be a rather scattered entry. xD

Though firstly, the most art-related.. all the prelude sketches have been finished and scanned! There will be a total of 13 pages (so.. 6 to go! *gasp*). My plan was to work on some of them today, but I got called in to work. [I need the money, yes, but I can't let a co-worker go in sick on good conscience when I've the chance to cover for her.]

Soon. I'm juggling more writing than anything else, including Mabinogi, but working 4 days a week means less art time.

(The following is NSFW. Mature content ahead. )

So, thanks again to Lehanan for being so active, she pointed me in the direction of Goreblowndeer. Since pageviews don't count for much here - I have them disabled- and the content she talked about in her journal, I gave a look to see what the fuss is about. If you don't care, see the content of his gallery, which is derogatory towards women and also attacks lesbians.

'Lo and behold!  We have found one of the men who not only maintain the belief that women are objects to be used only for pleasure.. but also someone perpetuating the "rape culture". (Dude only has his friends commenting in his journal, presumably those who have no qualms with it or agree with his perspective. Ick.)
Assuming everyone knows the rape culture is the underground belief that women 'ask' to be raped somehow, or that they secretly enjoy it. I've never been in the situation myself, and I'm glad for that.. The idea that serious rape can be 'funny' or dismissed like that makes my blood boil. People like this make my blood boil.

It is not funny.
Point blank. Not only is it physical abuse, it is emotional abuse. This guy acts as though it is easy enough to just walk away from a rape.. that it's easy to report it, and just as easy to live your life normally after this. Some can. But that's only some, because its aftereffects can reach deeper than the physical act does. He acts as though it's only going to be a stranger who drags a woman into a dark alley when it's not; it could be an ex, a friend, a neighbour, a boyfriend or husband; it could be in a home; it doesn't necessarily mean screaming or abuse, it is still rape if it's non-consensual.
Its use in fiction doesn't bother me unless its slant is, as a whole, trying to send the same message. It's fiction, and writing about rape isn't always a bad thing. I write of characters who have rape within their histories (Lilac and Julien, for instance), but I personally treat it with the same respect that I would within real life whatever happened to the characters and what they/others in the story think..  I don't begin to think it's okay even if in-character, one does. It's not.
Rape is a crime, and going unreported does not mean it becomes less than a crime, or heaven forbid, okay.

Sorta a tangent here. But this guy attacks lesbians too in his poetry.. and as a bisexual creature with lesbian friends and gay acquaintances, I take offense to it. Guh.
Since he feeds off of attention, I'd rather scorn him behind his back than give him more food. Though I'm still very much resisting the temptation to attack him, since I have more of a vocabulary than the girl he was publicly laughing at and thinks he 'defeated'. Not that attacking him will defeat him on here (thought it'd be lovely to see him gone). He's not worth a solo journal entry, even, though I am the type of person who doesn't believe his behavior should go unpunished, as with anyone who views women as he does.


I don't believe all men think like this - I've got amazing straight male friends who counter that awful culture by treating women as they'd treat themselves and others, with respect and kindness. But men like this invoke anger with me, more because I think they would rather do ANYTHING than have their views changed. Eyagh.

Chapter 1 of "TLD" is nearly done - note that only rough work is coming onto DA.. but seeing as TLD is my brain-child.. something I've had for several years since beginning a much simpler story in middle school, writing it out in high school and deciding I didn't like it, turfing my progress a year ago for the same reason..
I want to share it. I'm happier with this version and where it's headed, the world and characters are more concrete.. it feels like this may come together. And this time I'll like it enough to get it published somehow.

Chances are, I will delete/store chapters after a time and leave some up.. the work WILL be deviantART-only, and I may only submit up to half of it to encourage everyone to read the book later.

Anyway. Chapter 1 will introduce main characters.. I thought about doing a runthrough of "magic", "vampires", and the world as a whole, but realized it'd be a lot of rambling even if I added illustrations for effect to make it something of a meme.
Unless you're very curious about one of those topics/something in particular that is not related to a specific character. ;D  (Characters get talked about in story, so specifics on individuals are a no-go </3) If you're curious, now's definitely the time to ask me to write about the world of TLD whilst I'm inspired enough to do so.

Jadyn and Owl by diana-hnd
Omg FANART OF JADYN. Who won't even be appearing in the novel until later chapters! :noes:

In real life, maybe you've known me long enough to know that, right after graduating from school, I managed to break my knee going down a six-foot incline. (Impressive, I know.) I found out through a specialist appointment yesterday it can be fixed - apparently I tore a ligament. Not all that surprising.
But even if I can get it fixed, it won't be until next summer because I'll be unavailable for four-five months in Vancouver, in a full-time program. BAH. Not that it can't wait but.. I look forward to when I can run/walk/exercise again without having to be constantly worried about blowing my knee out again. :|



:iconnegshin: is selling her beautimus posters for only $3 USD a piece (last I checked) plus shipping and handling.
>>>>>  Journal with all the information:…;<<<<<

Her works are gorgeous, so if you wanted to buy posters, go give her art a look :love: I'm waiting for when the one I got can arrive. *stoked*

STEFF-OUT. Rambley journal is rambly. ;-; </3


There is no greater persecution and louder voice than one's own conscience when it needs to be heard.
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Sanwall Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2010
Oh man, I can't even begin to tell you how people like that unnerve me! They are usually just after attention, but when they actually mean it, I just lose my faith in humanity all over again...

But on a lighter note: I look forward to reading the rest of the prelude, and good luck with TLD! :D
Absolute-Sero Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I know.. it's the fact that even if he's just a ridiculous troll, the 'rape culture' doesn't think all that differently than this, and there really are men (and, in rarer but possible cases, women) who think they have some justification for what they're doing.

Gah.. I am behind on the prelude. ;__; I am having a hard time staying in the house to work on it. Trying to be better about that. :<
Sanwall Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2010
Sometimes I just hate being human, you know?
But then I watch Star Trek and I get happy again! :D (It doesn't take much to get me depressed, but it doesn't take much to cheer me up again, either :))

No worries, I'm behind on Anarchy! We can be behind together! (I do hope that didn't sound like an innuendo of some sort O_O)
diana-hnd Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
In every world, there has to be an obligatory dingbat out there, somewhere. It doesn't just apply to fiction, but to real-life too!

Besides, seems to me that the way he carries himself is a way for him to get attention. With such views he has, of course there'll be people telling him choice words. And where there are choice words, there is attention.

I'm glad to hear you're not only making progress in the story, but you're also liking the current version! :D

Hahah, that pencil piece. :meow: I'm flattered you like it that much, tee hee~:heart:

... OUCH about the knee. Please take it easy with it.... >_<;;;;
Absolute-Sero Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Of course. He really does enjoy the attention, despite complaining about it somewhat too.

Fell into a bit of a rut because I got stuck on a part in chapter 2.. trying to kick it now. Most of it comes really easily to me, but some parts are awkward to write.

Fanart makes me squee, like.. alwaaaays. :D
cardboard-jukebox Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2010  Student General Artist
Yay for more Prelude! I look forward to reading it all together once it's done. <3

What a douche. It's best to ignore these people when you encounter them online, there's not much else you can do really.

I'm excited to read the finished TLD. When I personally read a fantasy book, I really like it if they include a prologue that just told about the world and the kind of people in it. I don't feel like I'm going in blind then, know what I mean?

I hope you can get your knee fixed up soon, it must suck having to always be careful. Don't go messing it up again while you're in Vancouver!
Absolute-Sero Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Certainly, since I won't be able to get all the pictures I wanted done before I go to Vancouver, I'll get that prelude finished D:< *MUST now*

Yeah.. though someone made a good point in that by ignoring it, even online, we let these attitudes go unchecked and what-not. I'd love to catch him doing something that could get him banned >.> Hehehe. *bitch*

Ooooh, WELL. I'll make note of that.. ;D TLD has a world I have been laying out carefully and in more detail than I did last time or within any roleplays I've designed so far. It's not hardcore fantasy, but it's futuristic, and the part of my brain demanding details is trying to map out everything that's happened 200+ years since our present 'modern day' times, including how the economy works and what-have-you. I've thought about doing a comic/meme-like explanation that would also give a flash-introduction of the main characters along with the world... but it's a LOT to go over.. and how the world got this way/what it is is integrated into the story itself. TLD centers around it, practically.
So I hope. *shuts up before spoilers get spewed* I would still be tempted to try and do something though.. just don't know how it'd be most interesting. The world, magic, and vampirism are topics that might be useful for online readers to read beforehand, but I have no idea how to convey the info xD

Bwahahaha.. I've lived with it a few years, I'll get through one more! 8D Though yes.. having to be in crutches going around campus for my first level of the program would NOT be amusing. T.T
cardboard-jukebox Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2010  Student General Artist
Ok, I'm a total hypocrite now because I know that guys like him should just be ignored, but I can't do it. If you could get him banned, that would be epic. I wonder if there are any really good trolls for hire who could get the job done...

If it is all explained pretty clearly in the story already, then it's not essential. Maybe a little online intro wouldn't be bad, like you suggested. But again, if you have it all spelled out in the book it's not important, just my personal taste. ^^

God, I can't even imagine! I only had a (removable)cast for a month and I couldn't stand it.
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