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We Perform This Way
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Done to the Weird Al song of the same name :heart: I heard it first, so I sort-of like it better than the original.. >.>

SO. More Dark's Watch promo art, featuring Carmen Fairfield and Vivian St. Lawrence.

What can I say about these two..
Despite that this picture was supposed to give off a "we're wearing anything we could throw together, fuck what YOU think" vibe from these two, they are actually quite the opposite.. very aware of how they look and dress in order to have an influence on other people. They wouldn't go out like this in public, for sure. They're very different people, but I think something in this picture wanted to tie in some of their common traits..
One being a love of dance.. the other traits being more.. subtle. (Comic's eventually coming, so I'll let you find those out when these two show up good and proper. c: )

Or..I just had "Perform This Way" stuck on repeat WAY too long and couldn't focus in class. I suppose either reason would suffice.

Notice: I wanted to design a shirt in the likeness of the one I made for Vivian here.. if anyone knows anything about what it takes to make and sell t-shirts online, I'm all ears -- I have no idea where to start. I'd sorta like to make that design my own if for no other reason so that -I- can wear it.. XD

12+ hours; Photoshop CS2 // Intuos4

I suppose credit for the title can go to Weird Al for being awesome. 8D

Carmen Fairfield, Vivian St. Lawrence, and the online comic "Dark's Watch" concept art is drawn by and designed by *genji-rose and cannot be used without permission.
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