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Vai - 'Protection' by Absolute-Sero Vai - 'Protection' by Absolute-Sero
Make sure to hit 'full view' to view full-size.. plz n thx!

I wanted to do a newer picture of Vai (previously seen here) and hope he/it still fits the Soul Companion guidelines with the addition of black (another colour I favour).. there is a significance to the bands on the forelegs that I feel no need to explain.
The last year has been hard. Terribly so for me, full of change. If the soul companion changes, I figured Vai would. Vai's still blind in one set of eyes though, and he still has some time yet before he might be able to fly or even glide, but he's grown- he used to be only my own height. His tail's split, and will probably eventually be long/strong enough to pick objects up. Maybe. Again, note that Vai doesn't have any noteable claws or visible teeth.

Also wanted to do something 'protective', in a way.. and imagined that in my darkest hours, my soul companion would be the last creature trying to keep me from harm. So I arrived at this. I would have drawn this days ago but had 7 finals to write in 5 days. :B
And I know that Vai's spines/'wings' should be aligned better, if they're assymetrical.. *ignores and moves on*
Lined in SAI; coloured in CS2.
About 5 hours start-to-finish.

Original soul companion concept: :iconelfsama:
Soul companion gallery: #Soul-Companion

Vai -- myself (genji-rose)
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Sanwall Featured By Owner May 14, 2011
This is actually really pretty in a simple and rather melancholic way. I can't really explain it in a better way :)
Absolute-Sero Featured By Owner May 15, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I think I understand - thank you. I'm glad it looks all right, given the circumstances I drew this in. :XD:
ElfSama Featured By Owner May 14, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Oh~ I like his changes!
and I'm sure that Vai was striving to get you through your hard times ;A;
And colors are acceptable, so no worries there, and really? the spines/ wings are unaligned? I thought they looked pretty good. xD
Absolute-Sero Featured By Owner May 15, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well.. the perfectionist in me thinks the spines/wings aren't aligned and don't look right. But that's just me. XD

I'm glad the new tweaked appearance still fits. :3
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May 14, 2011
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