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Thanalos by Absolute-Sero Thanalos by Absolute-Sero
While this may get downgraded to scraps if I do a better image of him, meet someone I hope to introduce into the EA:LEC world! I wanted to do this picture and finish it since it's the first decent reference I have of him with that plume of hair he keeps grown out at the back.
Note about the tattoo:  that colour scheme is temporary, and the canon colours of the tattoo lines are TBD!

Where he is and who he is I'll hold off talking about, but meet Thanalos, an Elarthe native in ea-lec. He resides in a secluded area of Elarthe, but does travel to Belcazzar every so often for large supply runs (and rarely other purposes, heh). This is his usual attire, though in Belcazzar he doesn't carry the spear (instead concealing small daggers, which is unknown to most since he doesn't often need to use them!) and sometimes wears modern every-day clothing so he doesn't stick out too badly.  (Only sometimes though - there are so many strange sights in Elarthe that he doesn't need to do this often.)
 Under his clothing, he's a bit stocky, but he's physically quite fit from an active lifestyle and martial arts practice. So don't go thinking he's an easy target because of some waistline chubby-ness. :fuzzydemon:
The constant between any outfits is that he always has most of his body concealed under clothing, with exception to his face. Even in warmer weather he'd refuse to shed the gloves/pants/layers.. why is for him to know. C:

Not really a bad sort, he's reserved and stifles a lot of his outer emotions.. but he's not unkind. Than has a tendency to fall into listening rather than speaking (to evading or refusing to answer much about himself) and prefers patiently listening to whatever someone needs to get off their mind. Thanalos doesn't tend to give advice, instead more likely to talk with a person and help them consider options so that they might choose their own path. Than is uncannily good with reading others' moods, and he seldom hangs around when he knows it bothers someone or that he's not wanted.

Witnesses have seen him use very mild healing abilities in situations he's coincidentally been nearby, for minor fixes like sprains, concussions, minor wounds, etc.

The rest will be left for guess-work, as while I would like to start using him in entries.. I've got to figure out where he'll pop up first. :giggle:

Thanalos -- myself (Absolute-Sero)

The world he's based in however belongs to diana-hnd
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February 11, 2016
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