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Taboo by Absolute-Sero Taboo by Absolute-Sero
Something a bit different.. I am not a fan of monochrome but wanted to do something with it. I get the weird urge to make monochrome/mostly-monochrome stuff every several months it seems.  The end product isn't exactly what I had in my head.. but I don't think I ever had a clear picture of what I wanted it to look like. This point seemed like the place to stop though.

Lilac, the kitsune featured, is from a world where interspecies relationships such as those between kitsunes and humans are considered bizarre. Since she's faced a sort of social segregation from her own kind from a young age, she's not the sort to give many damns about what others think. This girl knows when she wants company.. even if among humans she can be a bit intimidating to consider, heh. Those are indeed scratches - Lilac can control her tendency to scratch (less of a problem among kitsunes since they heal much faster than average) but sometimes passion gets the better of her. Or her partner at the time might not hate it. 8]

I was at a bit of a loss with the background, and some of it relates to her general thoughts and ideas, and some to more.. specific aspects of her life. When the girl was slightly less reserved in her tendency to open up to people..
~10 hours; Clip Studio Pant EX

Lilac Ambrose -- myself (Absolute-Sero)
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October 2, 2015
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