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I have fantastic friends who've really helped me through a lot, that much I'd like to say loud and clear. I love them dearly for putting up with my whining and rambling and just for being good people as a whole. <3 But occasionally, it's the inner support, the characters who I've 'brought to life' in my stories who seem to beg me to keep my head up and help me combat my inner demons.
I don't have conversations with them and they can't reach out and touch me, but at times it seems like they're dragging me back when I feel like all is lost.. trying to get me on my feet, really.

I haven't had the best of time the last month. Far from, even. I'm okay as I can be now (and things should be steadily getting better hereon out), but to let off steam, I did this.. and I knew as I was drawing it that I had to colour it to do it any justice. So I did.

A lot of Dark's Watch reference in here - the red, blue, and yellowy figures are Val, Nia, and Lory, respectively. Kai, the violet-tinted female is one of my oldest and dearest OCs, who has an unofficial story in-the-making.
The 'sun' symbol also relates to Dark's Watch, but it's a surprise as to why. Older watchers may recognize it.
...And yes, that is me in the middle; I dyed my hair again ^^; (I will probably never let my natural shade grow out entirely.. I have no patience! XD)
4-5 hours, sketch-to-finish; PS2 and Intuos4

Characters pictured: (left-to-right, top-to-bottom): Val, Kai, myself, Nia, Lory. Artwork and OCs (c) *genji-rose
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April 6, 2012
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