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Shadowcasting Queen by Absolute-Sero Shadowcasting Queen by Absolute-Sero
So.. a painting after a long, dry spell of little art productivity. Been chipping away at this for a few weeks.

Backstory (for the unfamiliar):  this would be Lilac, a kitsune race of my creation. Most of her species has a special ability of some kind, and hers happens to be the power dubbed 'shadowcasting' by her race. Some other races in her world just refer to it as dark magic, even if it's not really magic persay..  in any case, it is a versatile ability that she can shape to perform many tasks and doesn't run dry even if she uses it a lot. The catch for this ability is the madness that it inflicts on the caster if he/she goes and overdoes it. For this reason - and the ominous appearance and feel of the power - it is ill-liked among most in her world and caused her to be ostracized to some extent even in her own clan.
:bulletblack:  More background for the interested. (Maybe for the league members who are watching me and bound to see her come up in the future?)  Right now, Lilac is only in her early twenties, and she can manage to use her power to create a semi-sentient being nicknamed Jem as well as a variety of other abilities she's ever-fine-tuning.  However this picture was what came into my head as Lilac ages and grows capable of using her shadowcasting to even greater heights.  Not only is it an extremely rare gift, it so happens that she's a three-tailed kitsune (opposed to the usual one);  her powers are, supposedly, stronger and her life could very well be longer if the legends about this rare deviation of kitsune is correct.  The older she gets, the more she's able to do, and a regular kitsune's lifespan can be 300 years. ♥  Should she live to a ripe old age, she will be a force to be reckoned with - but for good or bad purposes will entirely depend on how her life goes~

Anyway, more related to the picture, the shadow-casting is meant to look like a combination of light and flame. Easy to imagine, but catching it in still-life? Not so easy. XD
There was no way to include her tails reasonably due to the angle and amount of shadowy power all around her. THEY ARE THERE IN MY HEAD.
The power doesn't have that glow, but there needed to be something for aesthetics since I didn't want it to be mostly black blobs. :B  It is very much like a void, in that you can shine as much light on the power as you want.. it won't reflect anything.

Okay, enough rambling from me, it's too late for more.  Foreshortening fried my brain and after I went through the trouble, a good chunk ended up hidden behind the shadows. Gg. >.<
Though for silver lining.. this may be the first time I feel I didn't over-render the eyes like I usually do in lineless painting. Improvement, what is that?!
Done in Clip Studio Paint EX-5;  3 weeks, probably 12-20 hours overall

Lilac Ambrose -- myself (Absolute-Sero)
diana-hnd Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Lilac be lookin' mighty badass here! :D Also, I see that hint of a devious-ish/confident-ish smile on you thar, Lilac. ;P

Indeed, it's not easy to show the shadow-casting in still-life. I've always thought they 'feel' rather wispy-ish, so the rendering here shows that at least.

Random thought after reading the description; Wow, if she survived and grew in power to an older age (without losing her mind), she could potentially be like some sort of a 'matriarch' to shadow-casters.

All in all, great painting! Good choice of a background, it gives the pic a 'dark' feeling, but it doesn't make it harder to see the shadow creatures.
Absolute-Sero Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
When she smiles, she can wear it really well. ;D Even if quite often it's a baaaad sign for the one who pissed her off to the point she's smiling, hurrrr~

Indeeeed - shadow-casting has the vague semblance of fire as I've drawn it (at least in my mind) but I had to backpedal and change some alterations when I found they really didn't fit. Definitely not the same consistently as fire, albeit wispy in a similar way.
As for her being a matriarch.. there probably will never be enough shadowcasters alive at one time to be a matriarch to. But among the rest of her people.. makes a certain story arc we pondered that much more befitting. Imagine if she returned capable of controlling herself better. >83 -evil cackling-

Thanks, I wanted it simple so that focus was on Lilac and her shadowy friends.. but I realized it needed some colour. Woo, it worked! XD
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