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Shade-fire by Absolute-Sero Shade-fire by Absolute-Sero
Say hello to- .... actually, let's not say hello just yet. No one has met this character yet, and it might be a while before anyone does. :mwahaha:  Let's see if anyone recognizes something familiar about the jacket's trim, though~

This is what is called a 'shade', and he/she belongs to the same world as Mika, Jenny, the kitsunes, etc. Shades are an amped-up version of ghosts, and not well-understood as to what causes them to come into being. They arise from someone who died but did not pass on for whatever reason, and the only way a shade will pass on to the after-world is by inhabiting a mortal through death. (Or in rare circumstances, a sorcerer with spiritual magic can forcibly remove them. That power is quite rare, though, and mostly unnecessary.) They can be visible but intangible, invisible.. or even fully-tangible to other beings, including interacting physically and verbally communicating with the living.
Shades can be completely harmless ranging all the way across to malevolent, depending on why they exist. Some shades don't even know - grounds for the theory that shades exist due to some subconscious question that they need to figure out, but this doesn't explain everything about them.

Most shades can't use magic.. this one, though.. this one can. 8)

Connected to two characters who are involved in the ea-lec, expect to see this character appear sooner or later.  Though I am still struggling to get facial features the way I want, I'll say now that don't expect this one's expression to vary much. He/she has largely taken to the role of 'dead' emotionally as well as physically..
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November 29, 2015
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