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SHP08 - R2 -- prologue by Absolute-Sero SHP08 - R2 -- prologue by Absolute-Sero
SADCAT's Haunted Palace
"Nightmare at the Indian Burial Ground Amusement Park and Year-round Funporium" (ROUND 2)

Opponent -- Neth (:iconnothing0nowhere:)

[ Round 2: "On Display"
Prologue ]
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We have the kind-of prologue page for Round 2... in case you wondered where a certain devious little shapeshifter snuck off to while his brother was evading dinosaurs. (I imagine he helped frighten off and/or devour any mice that dared enter the park.)
Seeing as the ravens are about the same size as Tai, even were he not a charming little bugger when he wants to be he's no threat. Alex and Tai both can communicate with any normal animal species - whether that's vocal or more mental I leave to imagination-, and they rarely have trouble doing such because most animals are inherently neutral with them usually.

Yes I picked a name for this round. The initials keep order but.. too boring. :XD:

I have aallll the other pages ready (thank all that's good).. but they're rather poor quality.. which happens when you breach 30 pages for the first time x_x See how many I can get inked tonight/tomorrow.
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