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SHP08 - R1 -- page 6 by Absolute-Sero SHP08 - R1 -- page 6 by Absolute-Sero
SADCAT's Haunted Palace
"Nightmare at the Indian Burial Ground Amusement Park and Year-round Funporium" (ROUND 1)

Opponent -- Aeron (:iconda-san-san:)

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"Look, more omens!"

Well, while any regular person should be getting wary now.. seeing dino bones as well as big scratches on the walls.. I decided the smartest thing to do (and Aeron's the cool-headed type) was to not make any sudden moves...
Not when you don't know WHAT you're dealing with.

Horrible attempt at perspective in the lower-left XD Reference would have helped but.. I rushed it. </3 Well.. I rushed everything. Butyeah.

At least Aeron's armed >8D
Even if I can't draw that gun. *brainbleed*

Aeron -- ~Da-San-san
Alex -- me (genji-rose)
SADCAT's Haunted Palace by *SADCAT
Mariahthief Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2008
Is it weird I think your pages look better hand drawn? More... dramatic. A bit more emphasis and contrast perhaps is the reason? i don't know, sorry XD my mind is gone.
Absolute-Sero Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Actually my friend said when I asked around (even if she was the only one) that my pencil drawings look the best with my style or such.. o.O Which I don't get, but..
If I could keep my pencil style and neaten it I probably would be doing more in pencil.. but the reason for digital is that I can adjust many more mistakes than I can drawing by hand. xDD

If you could tell what's going on in this page, I may not have failed entirely! :0 (Just in terms of art, hehe)
Appreciate the feedback.. I do getcha, your mind is still there ;]
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