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SHP - Round 1 -- p. 1 by Absolute-Sero SHP - Round 1 -- p. 1 by Absolute-Sero
"Two smart mouths and a locked door"
My first page in Round 1 of SADCAT's Haunted Palace OC Comic competition. ( [link] ) Given a kind of title since for easy browsing I'm keeping the deviation titles ordered.

My OC: Blaze
Opponent: :iconcardboard-jukebox:
Opponent's OC: Jackal
Location: The Red Room

Next: [link]

(Wow, huge page - sorry to those with smaller monitors.)
Okay, it's 4 in the morning, but the page is done! So tired.. but I cannot rest until this is submitted. I really hope I can get the other pages done in time..
I'm going to mix and match colour and grey like this.. at least one colour panel/shot of Blaze and Jackal each, plus something at the end. I must say I hate the middle panel.. it's lineart really lost something being coloured. But for some reason I had to feature a semi-painted picture of the "Red Room" and its *green* walls :b

Lookit that.. 5 minutes and they're already bickering.
Speaking of which - Blaze do you NEVER learn from your previous mistakes? >_>; Shut up.. now.

I must say, I've had total fun drawing Jackal ^__^ (And these two shots are the worse of the images drawn!) I like drawing her more than Blaze by far. Though I am happy no one can see the actual mess I made of the mesh/fishnet she's wearing due to picture resizing..
I've done my best to keep her in character, for the record, hope it's close!

Okay, 3 pages to go. Lack of big coloured center panel might aid in making sure I have these mostly-done before Halloween (and the deadline close afterwards). Will update this with needed info when next page goes up.
cardboard-jukebox Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2007  Student General Artist
ZOMG JACKAL! XD She looks so good! ><
Absolute-Sero Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Really? O_O In my eyes, these were the *worst* drawings of her... ;.; (I had fun with the colour panel in page 3... of course it got shrunk and detail was entirely lost ^^; )

Jackal are pretty <3
cardboard-jukebox Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2007  Student General Artist
Why thank you! =^-^= (It's like you're complimenting my child) Blaze was so much fun to draw! Especially pouting Blaze! So cute! ><
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October 27, 2007
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