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Reference - kitsune twins 'Kira' and 'Lilac' by Absolute-Sero Reference - kitsune twins 'Kira' and 'Lilac' by Absolute-Sero
This took longer than it should have, all considered. :iconfacepalmplz:
(Hit download if you can't read the font, as this was made on a wide screen and couldn't be compressed any more. ;-; )

EA-LEC: Lilac Ambrose by Absolute-Sero EA-LEC: Kira Tombin by Absolute-Sero

SO. Rather than cram the personalities in there too, I will write them here. You wanna know more about these two, look no further!

General notes on the kitsune race
(if I think of extra tidbits to add in later, I shall)

Senses!: sense of smell and hearing are greatly increased (both comparable to a canine/cat's); eyesight is a bit better than humans, but not spectacular and not advantageous at night.
Health:  Interestingly, kitsunes seldom ever catch contagious illnesses, and usually the ones who fall ill are very old.. sicknesses which healthy kitsunes catch are very, very rare, and they do not develop illness from the diseases affecting humans.
Kitsune lifespan is highly variable, from 300-500 years of age (due to conflict in their world, kitsunes seldom live close to that long); their aging processes slow down as they mature (median age of 30; Kira and Lilac are very young adults), and they very gradually continue to age to about the equivalent of 50-60 years in a human (which would be 200-250 years for them). They are physically hardy even in older age, and it's usually infection, rare illnesses or purposeful injury which lead to the death of seniors.
Kitsune society is relatively equal, but females tend to be more dominant over the males in personal relationships. There is no size difference between the genders, usually a kitsune ranging from 5'8" to almost 7'. (Kira and Lilac are young adults, but still likely to grow a bit more over the next five to eight years.) Females are also considered the more ferocious fighters, as their pain tolerance and tendency to be able to think through bloodlust is higher than the males.
Fire + kitsunes = bad news for the kitsunes. They are resilient to temperature changes, but burns have a lasting and painful effect on them, in most cases - and the worst sort- being burns caused by fire. (It's believed to be because of the disruption to their thermodynamic systems that the reactions occur.)  Burns which aren't life-threatening for a human take about 5x longer to heal on a kitsune and virtually always leave nasty scarring. Worse, their bodies can - in serious injuries - react in a manner similar to shock. It can also cause seizures and internal hemorrhaging. Life-threatening burns (which may only be an arm or part of a leg) requires the presence of a healer and/or life-supporting medicine, and even that is not guaranteed to work. Burns cannot be healed entirely, usually half-way at best.
One tail is most common. Bi-tailed kitsunes are uncommon. Three tails are quite rare. No four-tailed kitsunes are known, and only three 5-tailed ones have ever been known to exist (all of them caused disasters, according to kitsune folklore).
Are realistically NOT demons - actually a 'sub-demon' class. However humans consider them demons, causing major problems between most clans and human populations. Real demons prey on kitsunes, and they are raised to fear and respect demons, and not to be stupid enough to take one on.
There is another kitsune species.. it also preys on these sorts of kitsunes. However they are more monstrous in appearance and less civillized, and fortunately much rarer (and the kitsune population is not large at all). But still they are heavily feared and all but the most dense of kitsunes will flee from them rather than fight, if possible.

Kira-Lydine Tombin

Kira was brought up on the plains of Banda, which houses the most diverse assortment of skin pigments among her kind. Unfortunately it's also the largest population which has in-turn been the most decimated by human hunting. Her clans tend to have a focus on fighting and hunting, the former which is absolutely vital due to the greater threats faced on the continent due to the nearby country of Inflica (which houses a substantial demon population - easily a kitsune's superior in combat). They are scattered and tend to keep to themselves, only kitsunes which have the power of illusion able to normally walk in a human town for supplies. This isn't necessarily a disadvantage, as it has led to brilliant discoveries of the kitsunes which have enable them to find and produce sought-after clothing materials from animal skins - the source of some clothing is a mystery to the rare humans who trade with them, something of a way to keep those humans from stabbing them in the back. (For example, Kira's 'belt' of sorts is a combination of metal and a rubber synthetic material. The greyish-green part of her clothing is thought to be obtained from some sort of reptile, and it's resilient but light, allows movement and won't tear easily. The upper portion is cloth woven from a rare wild species of sheep which kitsunes are very good at locating compared to humans.) Because of powers such as Kira's usually popping up in a clan, they seldom need to trade with humans for anything aside from luxuries - they're capable of crafting their own tools and equipment, which is kept to pass down to the next generations.

Kira, as a healthy female, was raised as normally as a kitsune can be raised. Her power and natural aptitude for fighting was pounced on quickly by leaders of the clan, getting a bit of extra training early-on because she so quickly grew into using her power during combat. Like Lilac, she was raised by foster parents, but she never developed much interest in finding out about her late biological parents. Kira's considered 'promising' in her clan, though her youth means she's got less experience than older kitsunes. Her nature is easy-going, responsible, and honourable - and very loyal once she bonds with someone. And charmingly quirky in her own way, sometimes due to her naivete in some subjects. Kira doesn't mind a fight for-the-heck of it, even if she gets scars or broken bones. (Scars by-the-by are considered respectable among kitsunes, not disfiguring, usually as marks of experience.) Hasn't done much traveling, and stays within her clan - a way to survive, sure, but she's not as experienced as her sister.
Or wasn't until Lilac found her.

Kira's got a good enough heart, and is less close-minded towards other races than the youth of other clans, even warily able to extend a hand to a human if necessary. Just as well, she can be bold and stand up when no one else will, even if the odds seem stupidly against her. She's very much of the mindset that it's 'better to die defending what you love.. than live watching what you loved die'.

Kira, by-the-by, tends to have her hair tied back or something to tie it back with at least around at all times.. never know when a fight will start, and she doesn't like her hair getting in her way.

Lilac (Saivrien) Ambrose

The middle name is in brackets because you will only hear the middle name if Lilac trusts you with it. Custom of northern kitsune clans, the middle name is treated with the intimacy which only close family, very close/long-time friends and lovers exchange.

The northern kitsune tribes have less of an emphasis on fighting/combat training in their culture, though it's still a past-time favoured by the young adults and guarding soldiers of each tribe. Instead the northern clan's focus tends to have to be much more on hunting, due to the sometimes sparser availability of prey. While this isn't true of all kitsune kinds, these northern-raised species (including Lilac's home territory) are more involved with humans, largely through their trade with the humanoid-type race of the Zussirians. The kitsunes are able to inhabit areas which even the Zussirian technology cannot get to, with their advanced senses and increased resilience to cold. These kitsunes hand-mine and craft very rare jewels found in the arctic temperature. Lilac has one of such of these jewels as a necklace, given to her by her foster parents before she left the mountains. Learning to preserve fruit and vegetables and even raising very hardy breeds of animals which can withstand the cold, the kitsunes here have less trouble with humans than their southern kin.

Lilac grew up with the entire clan aware that she possessed a gift considered a bad omen, and while they didn't reject her, she was shunned and felt somehow unwelcome. She grew more aware of this as she got older, and even her foster parents grew to be mildly afraid of her.. though for the undisclosed reason they adopted Lilac, they did their best to stand by her. Lilac learned to be on her own, at first merely an introvert.. but as she hit adulthood and reality of her powers' impact on her ability to fit in sank in, she grew more cold and developed a mean streak. Lilac was smart enough not to burn bridges, but the life of feeling like an outsider made her reluctant to form relationships. Her clan possessed a library thanks in part to their good relationship with Zussir, something which Lilac ravaged from her late teens onwards. Eventually she left in search for Kira, though refuses to disclose how she learned of her to anyone but Kira, whose lips are sealed.
Lilac suffered a substantial injury before she was able to get out of the mountains - it resulted in the severe burn wound which still scars her back. Lilac has yet to explain this, even to Kira.

After healing, she continued south. She lingered for only brief periods of time, ghosting from place-to-place, interested to stay long enough to catch news as she passed through. Lilac had to cross the ocean to get to the continent her sister was situated on, but fortunately she had a name to go on that eventually got her to the right place. Along the way, she found that unlike among kitsune men, she was considered relatively attractive among some humanoid races. When she felt like it, she did use this to her advantage - sometimes sexually. (Which is considered taboo, interspecies relationships - even brief ones- but since she has been outcasted for her power anyway, Lilac really doesn't give a damn.)

Lilac, by-the-by, tends to wear her hair down and unadorned - she seldom actually braids it as seen here, but for aesthetics I chose to include a look favourable in her home territory, hehe.
WHEW. :faint:
The images at the top probaby took ~10 hours. SAI/CS2.
The reference took about 5 hours to stitch together, cumulatively. ;;

This ref is largely for the :iconea-lec:

Kira Tombin and Lilac Ambrose -- myself (Absolute-Sero)
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