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Reference for Alex by Absolute-Sero Reference for Alex by Absolute-Sero
Edited note: I can provide details and stats for Tai on request, but Tai is entirely optional to draw with Alex. Just note that in brief, he's a young shapeshifter opposed to his older brother ;D

(If the font is hard to read, the bigger version can be downloaded - hopefully that will help.)

Hell even if I don't get through auditions I wanted to do this for practice.
The fine details below!...
The basic chart for strengths/weaknesses is below too, ehe ^^;

About Alex
Alex is generally calm and mature, and mostly on the quiet side. Usually thoughtful and compassionate, although seeing as he is an animal, he knows how nature is, and knows well it can be merciless. As a result, he is guarded - and extremely protective when it comes to Tai. Though he’s good at listening to others, especially when it helps to talk a problem out. Alex is old-fashioned and a bit eloquent in words and manner at times, but actually well-adjusted to the world considering many of his kind are a bit on the feral side. When he smiles, it usually gives a very small glimpse in his eyes of a sad vibe in him, though he would deny it. Alex has a melancholy streak where it regards his sister Sera, who ran away when he was young. Taking care of Tai is where Alex is happiest and most at-peace.

(In short.) Alex's homeland is North America, as are his parents and elder sister. Alex was fairly close with Sera, but for reasons that are uncertain (apart from the fact that she was extremely independent from a young age) she left home and severed contact with her family. (Sera's animal form was a wolf, in case you were curious.)
Alex has been caring for Tai since their parents were murdered; he fled with his brother before they could be killed. The reason is shrouded, but it is related to other shapeshifters and his family. It has been at least several years, nearing on a decade now, since he ran away with Tai. Alex's tendency to be overprotective likely comes from the paranoia that their past will catch up to them.

Alex is a natural shapeshifter, with a ‘true’ form along with the ability to shift to almost any animal, with his age and experience in the world. His natural form is a raven. With his kind of shapeshifter, he can "partially" shift into this form and, in his case, obtain wings, a lighter bone structure, sharper visual acuity, and flexible, toughened ankles and feet. His shapeshifter kind changes completely; their bone structure/anatomy changes. When he shifts into the animal form completely, Alex shifts to the regular size by default, but can also shift to a massive form of this animal (nearly his height as a human). His eye colour remains the same in any form.
Alex translates animal behaviour and speech instinctively. By birth, he has leadership status over birds of his kind – ravens and crows- and can command them at will, though they generally will help him unrequested. To a lesser extent, he can do the same for other animals, perhaps have to prove dominance on occasion. If Alex were extremely traumatized or distressed, the local fauna in an area would likely reflect it.

Note that shapeshifters of this kind have several times the longevity of humans, and appear younger longer as a result. Most of them - with the exception of Tai, Alex, and Sera- are only capable of shifting into and commanding animals of one type. They tend to co-exist with both humans and animals for periods of time, and are largely unhappy by nature if they have no contact with animals at all and for extended periods of time. Most shapeshifters are born with an animal in the general region they live in with a human form resembling the human population nearest. Until relatively recently, they had networks of towns that were meeting points and common living areas for shapeshifters that moved around the world. (While uncommon, sometimes a child will be born with an alien animal form, and is drawn to get to the proper location down the road; Tai, for example, was born in North America, but his animal form is natural to Europe/Turkey.) Shapeshifters now, though, are a bit isolated.

- Resourceful, and commonly uses environment to his advantage (even when not being pitted against someone ;B). Also, Alex tends to be hard to provoke, so if he has to fight, it's most often with a clear head; he's not easy to charm into security; for comfort reasons he tends to not choose to change into small prey animals often.
- Agile in any form; good at evasion even in the air
- Strong senses; hearing is above that of a human's, and Alex's eyesight and sense of smell are especially sharp; also, relies on animalistic instinct bordering on a sixth sense when it comes to danger
- Translates animals behaviour and speech; can speak to and command animals; in trouble, Alex will quickly gain the attention of flocks of crows and ravens (in a haunted theme park, no exception). In DEEP trouble, most local fauna will sense distress and react to it, sometimes come to his protection.
- Can change into an animal at will; has to be a vertebrae animal, and lacks ability to turn into most sea creatures/fish with the exception of mammals.
- Can 'half-shift' to his bird form, and obtain characteristics: enhanced sense of smell and sight, flexible and tough ankles, clawed feet, and lighter bone structure and wings enabling him for flight.
- The protective talisman will ward off stronger direct spells; it won't stop all of them, but from damage that would touch him directly it will dry up some of the power, potentially at least allowing survival through a magical attack if caught.

- Alex is not necessarily trained in combat, nor is he particularly muscled; no magical skills
- No defense against ranged weapons apart from evasion techniques
- Light bone structure in his half-shifted form (hell, even being light normally) leave him open to heavy physical attack
- Wings can be damaged - though extremely careful to avoid it- or soaked that will render him unable to fly
- Alex generally doesn't always finish opponents, though he will fight them until he can safely leave or until they are unable to fight back
- Tai. Well, obviously you're going to get one ruffled bird if you threaten him. It's not guaranteed to make him falter, but Alex would hesitate to call a bluff.


*sweatdrop* I think I'm done.

Alex, Tai, Sera, and their history is my creation.
diana-hnd Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awww, he's got such pretty baby blue eyes~:heart: And such a sweetie too~ :heart:
Absolute-Sero Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh Alex's eyes are fun -he's an oooold character of mine but they have never changed.

Heh. He's gonna get creeeaaaamed in SHP then? XD
diana-hnd Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aw, man, I hope not. It's bad enough there aren't enough good guys around these days. :XD:
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